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Everyone knows the health benefits of regular routines, which help improve your overall health. Regular exercise at a gym will keep you fit and healthy. The gym is a great place to work out. There are various types of equipment, trained people and people to observe and meet.

The Crypto Gym universe will put the player into an exercise routine on various gym equipment. To be in shape, you will basically follow 3 steps: Buy supplements, perform sets of exercises and Receive your rewards!

CGYM will be the game's governance token, the game has been further designed to be a Play to Earn blockchain project, where players are various earning modes from the referral and auction system.

The game will feature a series of updates already scheduled (Marketplace, Auctions, Sweepstakes, Stocks, etc) extending its lifespan and new chances of rewards for everyone who holds the token in their wallets.

All these updates and our economy model bring the security the player needs from the nft universe. The Gym has come to a move that investors always want nft. Be part of this healthy journey!

Athletes Category

There are two ways to get your athlete, through the box and the marketplace.

Box = When opening the box you will receive an athlete randomly according to the odds of each rarity.

Marketplace = You will be able to buy an athlete that is being sold by another user and guarantee the rarity you want


Supplements will be needed to gain energy and perform workouts with Athletes.

Each supplement unit will entitle to 4-5 workouts per athlete

We will have 30 types of starter supplements, each supplement will have a quantity, stats and xp according to its price, so buy wisely and realize your gains!

In the inventory tab you can locate your athletes, boxes, supplements and stocks.

1) Athlete Status

Name: You can change the name of your athlete for a small fee.

Category: Your character's rarity level.

XP: Experience gained during your journey.

These are the statuses that will make your athlete more capable for championships and evolution.

PW - power

AG - agility

FR - strength

RT - resistance

FX - flexibility

2) Pre Workout

To start training the athlete will need to consume a store-bought pre-workout. Each unit used will provide energy for the athlete to perform all the series of the day.

3) To Train

After consuming the supplement you will train with other athletes, your training performance will rank you in a position and generate your reward

this step by step carefully to help the beginning players quickly understand the game.

1) Connect your metamask to the Cryptogym game website.

2) In the main menu, click on “Account” and in the following, in the "CGYM Deposit" board, type the value you want to deposit and click the green button to make the deposit in your account.

3) Considering that the CGYM balance is already in your account, click on the "Shop" option in the main menu, then click "Box" and then click the "Buy Box" button, to make the purchase of the box that will give you an athlete for competition.

4) Now you need to buy supplements to feed your athlete before training. Click the “Supplements” submenu, choose an supplement and click the “Buy” button.

5) The Box and Supplement you purchased are stored in your Inventory. On the Main Menu, click on “Inventory”, then click on “Boxes”. Now click on the “Open Box” button, to reveal the athlete that came in this box.

6) After opening the box, click on the “Athletes” submenu to list all your athletes available for competition.

7) The athlete who was revealed in the Box will have the blue "PRE WORKOUT" button. Click this button to feed the athlete using the supplement you purchased from the Shop.

8) After eating, the athlete is able to start his training series. Notice that the “TO TRAIN” button has turned green and the amount of available workouts has been updated.

To start workout, click on the “TO TRAIN” button and then correctly type the captcha letters.

9) Wait for the progress bar to be completely filled and never close the browser before finishing the workout.

If the browser is closed mid-workout, your reward will be forfeited.

10) When you finish training, you will see a message showing the result of the competition and the reward awarded.

At this moment, you can close this message and start the athlete's other training sessions.


  • In this example the athlete is on his first day of training, so it was not necessary to pay the gym for him. From the next day, you will need to pay the gym before feeding the athlete.

  • Gym payment is made to all athletes that are in your inventory, with no possibility of paying individually. After paying for the gym, all athletes will have the “PRE TRAINING” button active for you to feed athletes and start virtual training competitions.

  • The gym payment button is active every 24 hours. This means that if you paid for the gym at 10:00am, the button will activate again the next day at 10:00am. See below how to pay for the gym.

To pay for the gym you need to have CGYM balance in your account and the payment button must be active (GREEN).

Assuming you are on the Athletes page of your inventory, simply click the “Pay Gym Now” button in the upper right corner and then click the “CONFIRM” button..

affiliate program is a great opportunity to increase your earnings at Cryptogym by using your influence to recommend the game to those who follow you.

The CryptoGym passes to the Affiliate, 10% of all supplement purchases made by your referrals, for life. Considering that the supplement is a product of mandatory consumption by athletes before training, the potential earnings of the Affiliate is huge and scalable, because the more players he refers, the more he will earn


We value the quality of the affiliate work and not only the numbers that it achieves, so we want dedicated partners who follow their referrals closely and provide the necessary support for them to be able to take their first steps in the game. It's for these Affiliates that we have enormous satisfaction in passing on part of Cryptogym's revenue, as a form of gratitude for their collaboration.

The affiliate will not have a URL to advertise on the internet, but a referral code that they should provide to their referrer to link in their account, right after they register on CryptoGym.

To obtain the reference code, the player must access his or her account (Account/Affiliates) and click on the GENERATE REFERRAL CODE button.

The user referred must should log into his account and click on the green button in the top corner. When the popup opens, he/she must paste the Affiliate referral code and click confirm.


  • Affiliate commissions are generated only when your referrals purchase supplements from the CryptoGym SHOP. Purchases through another method such as promotion page, voucher, among others, do not generate any commission for affiliates.

  • The player indicated by the Affiliate, has a deadline of 2 hours to link the referral code in his account. If this is not done within this time frame, it will not be possible to do so in the future.

  • The affiliate may not refer people who use the same IP address. If this happens, the affiliate will lose that referral and may be permanently banned from the game.

  • If there is recurrence of complaint from referral, about lack of support from an Affiliate, this may lose that referral or even be banned from the program permanently. It is worth repeating that we want in the program, only Affiliates willing to collaborate with their referrals so that we all grow together; this is good for the whole CryptoGym community.

Collab Team is a unique program unique to CryptoGym, which rewards the team of contributors who work tirelessly for the growth and success of the game and our community.

There are 2 ways to participate in the "Collab Team" and receive great rewards, including, the collaborator can participate in both and thus further increase their earnings.

1) Designs Creator

This option is an opportunity for designers to use their creativity to create illustrations of NFT athlete shapes to be sold on CryptoGym.

The contributor needs to create an Athlete Shape and submit it through the "Account/Collab Team" page, to be reviewed by the CryptoGym team. If approved, the shape will be listed in the game to be purchased by players, and then every time this shape is purchased the creator receives a commission that can vary from 50% to 80%.

The price of the shape is set by the CryptoGym team, however, the more dedication you put into the creation, the better the quality and consequently the more value your shape will have on the listing.

The commission from the Shape sale is immediately available in the Collaborator's balance, right after the buyer makes the payment.


  1. 1.Each Shape sent during the Whitelist period and approved by the team guarantees the right to 1 Lot of tokens to its creator, without depending on the draw, so the more shapes the contributor sends, the more chances to receive GUARANTEED Lots of tokens.

  2. 2.The creator must be aware that his shapes approved by the team during the Whitelist period, can be used by CryptoGym as native on some athletes and this will not generate any reward for the creator. These shapes will only generate commission for the creator, when they are purchased by players in the shape store.

  3. 3.The shape must consist of 3 images, being 1 full body still photo and 2 images in ANIMATED GIF format, where the athlete must be performing gym workouts.

  4. 4.The contributor is only allowed to submit material of his own creation or that he owns the full commercial rights to the images. Our team will do a check to identify improper use of images and if it is detected that the image does not have the proper rights to use, the contributor may be permanently banned from the game.

  5. 5.By submitting your creation, the contributor transfers all rights of the images to CryptoGym to use in any commercial and promotional material linked to the game.

  6. 6.If the contributor breaks any of the CryptoGym rules and is permanently banned from the game, he will not have any rights to his creations listed in the store.

  7. 7.By clicking the submit button, you are agreeing to our TERMS OF PARTICIPATION AS A DESIGN CREATOR, described herein, and you agree to keep up to date with future modifications of these terms, including your responsibility to request to leave the "Collab Team" in case you do not agree with the future changes.

2) Moderator and Support

This option is intended for people who have experience with supporting and moderating social channels (Telegram and Discord) in NFT games.

The reward for this type of Collaborator, is paid through CryptoGym stocks where 5% of the net revenue of the game is distributed to 5,000 stocks. Each Collab Team participant in this category will receive an amount of stocks that can vary, depending on the work being done.

The partial balance of Employee rewards is updated daily and can be viewed by accessing (Account/Collab Team). The release of the month's rewards amount is available for withdrawal until the 5th day of each month. The employee must access (Account/Collab Team/Earnings) and click on the CLAIM NOW button.

To apply for a vacancy, the player must access "Account/Collab Team", click on the button APPLY FOR A VACANCY and fill out the form informing some data such as your name, your main language, telegram and telling your experience with this type of support in some NFT game. When there are no vacancies available, the button will be disabled with a message of UNAVAILABILITY.


The contributor must read and understand all the contents of the whitepapper and keep up to date with the updates, in order to be able to pass them on to the community on the official channels.

  1. 1.The amount of a contributor's quotas can be changed up or down after we analyze their collaborative work performance. Example: the participant who is dedicating a lot in supporting the community, answering questions in the official channels and moderating the channels, may have his quotas increased and the one who is dedicating less, may have his quotas reduced.

  2. 2.We will closely monitor the performance of each employee in their respective roles and analyze their individual work each day. What we want with this is to maintain a team of collaborators dedicated to helping the community for the success of all.

  3. 3.If for some reason we feel that a collaborator is no longer useful, we can remove them from the team without any prior warning. In this case, their quotas will be withdrawn and may be passed on to another contributor whose work is worthy of it.

  4. 4.During the whitelist period, we will make 100 spots available for training the first class of contributors, however, rewards will only start to be generated, after the launch of "Play To Earn" according to the RoadMap. This is the best time to guarantee your place in the team and show your work with commitment and dedication, and consequently win a greater number of CryptoGym quotas.

  5. 5.The employee may not call members of the community in private to offer them any business that is not related to CryptoGym, regardless of whether it is game NFT or not.

  6. 6.The participant of the "Collab Team" is not allowed to introduce himself as an employee of CryptoGym, but only as a Collaborator.

  7. 7.The participant must be aware of his responsibility as a Collaborator and of his decent and respectful behavior towards the community.

  8. 8.All reports of misconduct received will be reviewed very carefully and in case of recurrence of intolerable behavior, we may remove the employee from the team without any warning, withdrawing their quotas immediately.

  9. 9.By submitting the form, the applicant agrees and accepts our TERMS OF PARTICIPATION AS MODERATOR AND SUPPORTER, described herein, and commits to keep up to date with future modifications of these terms, including his responsibility to request to leave the "Collab Team" in case he does not agree with the future changes.

With this whitelist configuration, the player will have 3 chances to be drawn. To do so, pay attention to the rules of participation.


1) The player must connect his metamask wallet to CryptoGym and click on the icon in the menu bar(as shown in the picture below), then click on the button to subscribe to the whitelist;

2) In the popup that will appear, the player must perform social media tasks;

3) If the player drawn has not fulfilled all the tasks, he will be disqualified;

4) If the player is not drawn on Whitelist 1, he can participate on Whitelist 2, and so on. However, if the player has already been drawn once, he cannot participate in another draw;

5) Whitelist subscription is done only once, i.e., if the player has already subscribed to whitelist 1, he does not need to subscribe again to whitelist 2 or whitelist 3, but he needs to perform the task of Retweeting the post referring to the current whitelist;

6) After each Whitelist draw ends, the drawn participants will have 3 days to purchase their lot of tokens. If the purchase is not made within this period, he will lose the right to buy and the tokens will be released to be purchased by users who completed the tasks but were not drawn. Whoever gets there first buys;

7) To buy the tokens, the participant must access the Whitelist page and click on the buy button to pay with BUSD through his Metamask wallet;

8) The tokens purchased by the lucky participants will be released for withdrawal only when they complete all the steps of the whitelist, but can be used immediately to purchase Boxes in the Shop.

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