One Piece 989 - Do you still intend to make our captain Pirate King?

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This post contains spoilers, if you haven’t read the manga please be careful.

The story was already electrifying since other chapters, however, the audience's excitement is exactly in the epic action scenes that Eiichiro Oda drew.

1- Frank put the big mom to sleep, showing to be in a position of high strength in the pack -> would put him in 5 place below the sanji if the yamato enters what I believe I imagine she is stronger than the 2

2- It is no longer today that I think the straw hat gang is stronger than a yokou so it wouldn't be an exaggeration if they beat the big mom over there -> An example of this is that no matter how strong the white beard was, lots of random did damage to him, being a yokou doesn't mean being a one-man army.

3- wait a few more good months to have definite fights, the most will be these racing caps like marine ford

Finally, the crew is together again

Big Mom gets up after Franky's attack without injuries. Yakuza bosses argue that they should fight the Tobiroppo to gain more time instead of wasting time fighting the lower-ranking subordinates of the Kaido's crew. Franky introduces himself to Big Mom. Nami tells Franky to run, since he is facing one of the Yonkous.

Franky: “Franky: "Why should we run just because she's a Yonkou? Do you still intend to make our captain Pirate King?"”

EPIC“Why should we run away just because she is a Yonkou? Do you still intend to catch our Pirate King Captain? ”

Franky is about to shoot Big Mom, but 3 Numbers appear. They are all drunk and look like Onis (like Nangi in the previous chapter). Big Mom says they are the failed version of "Ancient Giants" (like Oars) that Kaido bought from Punk Hazard.

What an incredible chapter. The page with all the straw hats, all of them looking so powerful, was too beautiful. Big Mom suffered a nerf, but soon she comes back without any furious scratch, I remembered people saying that she was going to lose her memory hahaha. And I loved Nico Robin using Delphinium again, with a lot more hype now.

Robin throws tons of hands off the floor and rolls Big Mom until she crashes across the room. Jinbe says that Big Mom will soon be back angrier than ever. Franky announces that it's time to mount Franky Shougun.

Luffy goes up on stage and meets Zoro, who appears at the door behind the stage. They decide to go to Kaido together, ignoring Queen. Zoro grabs Luffy, so he uses “Gomu Gomu no Rocket” to fly.

However, Queen turns into a dinosaur and grabs them with her mouth. Above Queen's head, we can see King and other flying Gifters who are waiting to block anyone who wants to go after Kaido. Sanji gets up from the rubble, that's fine thanks to the suit that protected him.

Queen throws Luffy and Zoro back to the ground. Hyogoro smiles and says that although there are so many obstacles, it doesn't seem like they are losing. On the last double page, we can see the Straw Hat Pirates finally together, ready to take on the NUmbers, Queen and King.

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