LOTTRADE (LOT) represents gamification and popularization of crypto trading

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LOTTRADE (LOT) represents gamification and popularization of crypto trading through regular tournaments, battles and challenges with the goal of being the best trader in the world. Customize tournaments and Win Big Prize Pools.

Betting for gamblers.

NFTs as winners’ reward and authorization access:  Professional LOTTRADE of Cryptocurrency Traders/Gamers;  Official Ranking of the World’s Best Traders/Gamers. 2. TOTAL ADDRESSABLE MARKET 79 000 000+ active crypto traders competing in professional skills, promoting themselves to investors and increasing their income* (*accordingly DataLight.com). 300+ cryptocurrency exchanges that demonstrate their capabilities, (extend/increase) customer base, sponsor and organize tournaments * (* - accordingly CoinMarketCap.com). 50 000+ cryptocurrency service providers which promote themselves, increase their recognition, and attract new customers* (*- accordingly Chappuishalder.com). 3. HOW IT WORKS

Step 1 – free trader’s registration in the LOTTRADE and linking to his exchange/LP/NFT platfrom trade account (a member of the LOTTRADE doesn’t have any extra hassles, as he trades in his exchange dashboard);

Step 2 – contributing a tournament fee and playing a tournament (for example, 10,000 participants of a tournament with a tournament fee of 100 BUSD form a prize pool of 1 million BUSD which a winner will get net of the LOTTRADE's commission);

Step 3 – smart-contract players ranking and prize distribution (winners of a tournament are defined by the best ratio of profit to deposit during the tournament). 4. ADVANTAGES

4.1 For users:  Free registration and participation in the LOTTRADE tournaments;  User-friendly interface;  Trade skills rating and recognition;  Attracting new customers; 4  Competing a high prize pool;  Formation of the professional decentralized LOTTRADE of Traders/Gamers and involvement in its development and improvement. 4.2 For partners:  Organic increase of trading activity and engagement of their users;  Attracting new customers by tournament sponsorship;  Demonstrating the new trading tools and services;  Organizing and carrying out international and local online tournaments, which results are fixed in the blockchain.

5. TOURNAMENTS  Calendar tournaments - daily/weekly/monthly/seasonal/annual official LOT tournaments which are held regularly and don’t have any limitation to take part in;  Master’s tournaments - LOT sponsored tournaments, which rules and terms are agreed with the sponsors;  Private tournaments – limited-access tournaments which are organized independently by LOT partners, determining their terms, rules and participants. 6. ARCHITECTURE 5

6.1 Decentralized and distributed LOT architecture is based on a core of two distributed registers: Blockchain #1: BSC (Binance Smart Chain) is used as an optimal one from the perspective of:  Transaction fee and technical characteristics;  Ownership register and circulation of LOTT and its derivatives;  Game NFT certificates;  Implementation of tournament smart contracts and liquidity pool;  Governance and other protocols. Our choice of such technical solution, besides optimal transaction fees is based on constantly growing community (66 million unique blockchain addresses – 22.04.2021) and speed/volume of processed transactions (daily transactions by 600% as it reached 9M in daily transaction volume (ETH ATH is 1.5M transactions)*

https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2021/04/174491-binancesmart-chain-surpasses-ethereum-in-daily-transactions-bsc-also-surpassed-dapp-count-of-eos/ 6 Blockchain #2: IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System) is a distributed file system integrated with the BSC for storing and accessing large amounts of game and graphical information also associated with the NFT. 6.2 Decentralized and distributed LOT architecture provides  All time players’ assets control via BSC non-custodial wallets and tournament smart contracts;  Tournaments` smart contracts with programmed and transparent logic of games, distribution of prize pools and rating points;  Unified transparent and automated rating logic;  Decentralized mechanism of tokenization, commission distribution and LOTT liquidity supply;  DAO-mechanism for protocol management and project development.

7. MONETIZATION Project is built as a decentralized autonomous organization and doesn’t aim to monetize operational activities. The project team is incentivized by LOTT tokens allocation that will be unlocked 1.5 years after the start of the project. The tournament and protocol fees (liquidity pool exchange, staking, lending) will be charged to cover the operational and development costs of the project 8. GOVERNANCE/UTILITY LOTTRADE TOKENS (LOTT) LOTT is a BEP-20 utility and governance token limited to 100,000,000 (100 million) units. Purpose of the token is to manage and govern the platform, reward users and encourage their activity. LOTT is used for:  Play in tournaments (to pay a tournament pass);  An access to the higher level tournaments, including those a player is not qualified for or does not have the appropriate game NFT;  Users’ commission payment for minting NFT tournament tokens (TNFT) based on the results of tournaments in which they participated;

7  Member/Pro/Expert/Partner membership which gives them an access to additional LOT functionality and privileges;  “Governance” and “Staking” – an operational management and platform development. “Governance” deposit holders participate in “Governance staking” distribution of a limited number of LOTT tokens (1 million units) every 18 months on a “Proof of Stake” basis. The number of distributed tokens will be predetermined by a “halving” type model similar to BTC, with the exception of the fact that after each round there will be an equal amount left to be divided by two in the next round of accrual;  “Lending” -LOTT tokens with a BUSD commission fee being paid to players for “staking” LOTTs to access the higher level tournaments.

9. AN OVERALL TOURNAMENT MECHANIC Each tournament is implemented in the form of a smart contract to which each user transfers the tournament fee (TF) nominated in BSC/Ethereum/Tron token to participate. Other networks will be added later.

TF is nominated in BSC/Ethereum/Tron tokens - but users can deposit in all major cryptocurrencies and have their funds automatically converted to BUSD for example and deposited to their non-custodial BSC (Binance Smart Chain) wallet for further transferring to the corresponding smart contract of the tournament. 8 If the player does not have the appropriate gaming status (Member/Pro/Expert/Partner) to be admitted to higher-level tournaments, the LOTT staking is required. The LOTT is to be procured from the LOTT Liquidity Pool or lent from the LOTT Lending Protocol. Winner of the tournament gets ALL deposited BUSD funds except those distributed to Operational Vault (15%). The latter’s funds are to be used to cover operational expenses related to protocol and infrastructure support. NFTs game consists of tournament score weight and information and can be minted with LOTT nominated minting fee by a player request.

LOTT Governance Protocol is to administer the tournaments dynamic parameters, such as commissions %, distribution proportions, etc. and to support or reject voting proposals relating LOT ecosystem development by LOT community. 10.LOTT STAKING & AUTHORIZATION LEVEL ACCESS To be admitted to higher level tournaments and get gaming privileges including rating, Governance, Staking Rewarding and Customized partner`s tournaments, the LOTT or NFT staking is required. A user can either win a NFT in a tournament or purchase it during Initial NFT Offering or secondary market. Another option is to stake the relevant quantity of LOTT tokens. NFT LOTT staked (BUSD equivalent) Gaming (Tournament) Score Authorization Level Privileges Start $75 ≥1,000 “Start” Staking Reward + Rating + Governance Pro $200 ≥10,000 “Professional” Staking Reward + Level 2 tournaments + Governance Expert $1,000 ≥100,000 “Expert” Staking Reward + Level 3 tournaments + Governance Partner $8,000 ≥1,000,000 “Partner” Staking Reward + Level 4+ Customized partner`s tournaments + Governance Apart from authorization level access, a LOTT holder can benefit from LOTT staking reward. LOTT offers its investors to stake their tokens/NFT and get rewards. Staking is the process of locking tokens in a smart contract, in order to reduce the circulating supply of the tokens. In return for locking up the tokens, stakers receive rewards, the size of which depends on the staking period. LOTT Staking begins at 1 pm UTC on the 25th November!

Period 180 days 90 days 30 days APY 45% 30% 15% Max pool Limited Limited Limited Terminology 9 Period: The time period LOTT tokens are held under a vault for staking; APY (Annual Percentage Yield): The real percentage of growth that will be earned in compound interest assuming that the tokens are deposited for a year; Maximum LOTT Token Pool Size: The maximum LOTT tokens to be staked in the vault; Lock-in Period: Lock-in time period during which the tokens cannot be withdrawn from the vault 11.LOTT GOVERNANCE All token holders with the authorization levels starting from “Member” and above are eligible to participate in the project governance.

All LOT members that stake LOTTs are forming a LOTT governance committee that is authorized to modify LOTT Protocol dynamic parameters and to support or reject voting proposals. The number of committee members is determined by a number of wallets that are staking LOTT or LOTTARDE NFT: All token/NFT holders with the authorization levels starting from “Member” and above are eligible to participate in the project governance. All LOT members that stake LOTT are forming a LOTT governance committee that is authorized to modify LOTT Protocol dynamic parameters and to support or reject voting proposals

Your original NFT will be wrapped with collateral depending on the Nominal you buy.

Let`s assume you buy Expert NFT. That would mean that you can unwrap your NFT immediately and get your original NFT + 125 LOTT or: - wait 1 month, then you will receive another $ 29.17 in LOTT at the current rate with 35% APY + BEP-20 tokens from the prize pool; - wait for another two months – then you will have 40% recalculated APY and receive another $ 70.83 in the LOTT + new BEP-20 tokens from the prize pool; - wait another three months – you will have 45% recalculated APY and receive another $ 125 in the LOTT + new BEP-20 tokens from the prize pool; 17 - wait another 6 months - you will have 50% recalculated APY and receive another $ 275 in the LOTT + new BEP-20 tokens from the prize pool; - if you leave your NTF unwrapped after 12 months, you will continue receiving BEP-20 tokens from the prize pool with no time limits accounting that prize tokens will allocated to you from those NTF holders who unwrapped their NFTs. 17.AMBASSADOR INCENTIVE PROGRAM 17.1 Marketing Incentive Reward and Sharing In exchange for performing promotional activities on behalf of the protocol, LOT offers participation on Pre-sale. The special LOTT token Pre-sale allocation (300k LOTT Round) equal to 15 000 USD allocation will be distributed proportionally among participants - according to the points collected by participants during the campaign.

All users are eligible for Marketing Incentive Sharing. Referral link will be available after registration in https://app.LOT.com/auth/registration. The users are accounted for: - 5% - of all linked users` LOTT tokens purchase nominated in LOTT; - 10%- of all linked users` tournaments deposits for 12 months;  All participants who collects minimum 20 points also eligible for the limited Marketing Incentive Reward: - 300,000 Ambassador LOTT token distribution - Whitelisting and allocation to Ambassador limited presale (1,000,000 LOTTs)

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