Look around.

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Look around.

Everything there, without exception, needed to be produced.

From the floor, you're walking on, to the sneakers you're wearing. Absolutely everything around you needed to be produced.

We call this; demand.

Demand is the manifestation of the need to have something.

You have a need to have a floor, so it's your demand for it.

The counterpart is called; offer

Offer is when someone is willing to create mechanisms to satisfy and produce your need. The floor didn't grow out of a tree if you haven't been warned.

The medium that links demand and supply is called; price.

Price is information on the scarcity of something that needed to be produced according to people's demand and the supply capacity to be made available.

The moment you demand that production be stopped, less will be produced.

- Stay at home, we'll see the economy later.

It turns out that you might even want to stop the supply, but I'm sorry to tell you: you can't stop the demand.

Whether you like it or not, we live in a world of scarcity. Where everything has an end and needs to be produced. If you want a shoe, someone has to produce a shoe. And staying at home sneakers will not be produced. And even so, the demand for sneakers will increase. Soon...

There are more and more people in the world and there is a growing need for large-scale production of goods and services.

If these two do not talk, demand and supply, because for reasons a, b or c, they wanted to stop supply, there will not be enough production to satisfy the growing demand.

The price will naturally go up. Why? Because the price is information, as I said before.

When the price goes up, the information is; produce more, because of more demand than supply. When the price goes, the information is; don't produce so much of it, that there isn't enough demand, or there's no interest in what you're producing.

In other words, there is no way to meet the growing demand if there is no large-scale production to do so. As much as you want to disassociate the economy from life, I have some bad news to tell you; sorry, this is not possible. Living is literally meeting your needs.

It seems like a technical subject, and difficult to understand, but it is relatively simple and even a little obvious to understand.

So if prices are rising today, it is information that there is a shortage of goods and services. Why is this happening? Because there was a large-scale decrease in production with people at home. But the economy can be seen later.

Well then, the after arrived. And the high price knocked on the door to say; dear, I arrived.

So, if you fought to stay at home, we will see the economy later, it has its stamp on price increases.

Regardless of whether you were in good faith to ask them to stop production or not. Every action has a reaction.

The bill arrived.

Look inside.

In the world we live in, where speed is much more valued than quality, it's hard to understand the emptiness of a busy life. Every excess is an attempt to fill some void, even if unconsciously, and so we realize that many times, we try to hide in our own work, creating a lonely universe, without stopping to think if that really goes with our essence.

Digital nomadism is nothing more than slowing down to be able to do things with soul and love. The biggest decisions of our lives are usually difficult to be made and that's why we so much defend moments of reflection and strategic stops. We spent our entire lives hearing that we had to succeed in life, study, get a job, work like crazy in order to buy a house or any other asset, but we were rarely told that the important thing is to be happy.

We learned from an early age that work is boring and that it exists for a single purpose: to make us earn money. If we spend an average of a third of our lives working, isn't it fairer that this is done with pleasure? Fairer to us, to the people around us, and even to the world we live in? Isn't the world a better place if everyone is happy?

The rush of today's world does not even allow us to choose something that makes our hearts beat faster. Many people study things they don't like and spend their entire lives working without an ounce of lust, just to fulfill expectations and try to fit into a model, which many times was not even made for us. And there's no problem with that!

The world needs bold people, people who have the courage to challenge the “right” who do things with love and inspire others more and more to follow the voice of their hearts. Our intuition always knows the way, but we insist on silencing it, we insist on listening to others much more than to ourselves.

Digital nomadism is much more than the freedom to work wherever you want, with whoever you want, and with whatever you want. Digital nomadism is the search for a life with more purpose, aligned with our essence and with the conviction of meeting what makes you happy. We don't need to please anyone but ourselves. We don't have to have a life that doesn't make sense anymore, work for a boss who doesn't value us, hit the traffic hours, and get more and more anxious.

Digital nomadism will teach you that, yes, it is important to earn money, but it should be the consequence and the result of a work done with soul and lust and not the final purpose, which is and will never cease to be: happiness. Digital nomadism teaches you to have respect for yourself, not to neglect what is good for you, and to look inside, because this is the only way to be happy and lead a purposeful life.

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