Life changes, what are you doing with your life?

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2 years ago

Knowing is not the same as understanding.
"knowing" is not the same as thinking.
instead "knowing" is a religious system often based on values that might not be right and often are not completely right.

I have sadly also indeed noticed a lot of college graduates which are not capable of using things they should understand according to their study, in a non traditional way.

How it feels to be confronted by doubt, and the feeling of not fitting in line with the path others think you should follow.

Life changes.

I have also quite often seen that they learn a theory exact yet often if you look at the sidenotes of the one who wrote it/came up with it once it shows that it either should not be taken exactly/is an approximation, or often it is in university teaching in a way which suggests something different than the actual meaning whether this is for some corporations or such, the professor doesn't understand it, or the student just doesn't understand it because they don't actually understand it but only know how to use it in the examples which come on the tests. also many often only know what they have learned.
it is sad to see that many only learn things in a way that a computer could do better than them since computers are great at knowing things and performing instructions in the default way.

an even more interesting thing is that in recent years every year more people who are medically highly intelligent drop out of college or perform poorly in college, high school, and sometimes even slightly at primary school. this is because thinking keeps getting more undervalued, and many of them need to understand what is below something, rather than just assuming something to be right, also many such people see different better options, yet schools often don't allow that since they want to train people for a specific company and function.

Take your time, discover yourself. Try new stuff, get to know more things.

The tunneling path of academia is not that great anyway - especially when much of it is today revealed to be corrupt af.
And it's never too late to go to university if you one day decide you want to.

I'm sure you're doing great and you're doing more thinking than most people are nowadays. Keep doing your thing

You can’t put a price on the perspective and experience that comes along with that. Probably the most important thing I’ve learned is that nothing is a waste of time. Follow your heart and have FUN.

Keep holding BCH, crypto is a revolution, not only money but of a way to think.

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2 years ago