How to play Mines of Dalarnia (DAR)

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How to play Mines of Dalarnia (DAR)

How to play Mines of Dalarnia and win with NFT

The play-to-earn game Mines of Dalarnia has caught the attention of gamers around the world. Developed by Workinman Interactive and with interesting partners like Binance, The Sandbox, and Chromia, MoD is a game where action and adventure mix with intergalactic mining in search of resources that can be turned into skills, equipment, and rare artifacts.

MoD is a true NFT game with various items, resources, equipment and even areas of land that belong to the players themselves, making it possible to sell, trade and transfer in the game's marketplace. All game economy is done through the native token DAR, used for rewards, lying NFTs, trading on the marketplace and staking for transaction validation.

Want more details about Mines of Dalarnia? Keep reading, there's still a lot to say about this amazing game.

Disclaimer: Our articles and guides are not an indication of purchase or financial advice. Remember if! Do your own research before investing money in any token or game and only invest what you can afford to lose.

How is the gameplay of Mines of Dalarnia

MoD is a 2D game exploring dark mines in search of mineral resources. The collection of these resources are used to improve the character's equipment and attributes. Monsters and dangerous creatures set the tone of action and adventure to the game. According to the developers, fun gameplay was a real priority applied to the project in order to attract true gamers.

There are two ways to play MoD: as a miner and as a landowner. But players don't have to be locked into a single way to play. Both roles can be played by the same player at any time.


In this mode, miner players will be able to explore mines looking for rare resources and artifacts. With these ores collected, the miner can improve and create their equipment, customize costumes and upgrade attributes, to be used in more difficult terrains and with rarer resources, as they can sell to other players in the marketplace.

A very important item that can be manufactured and marketed is the terraforming capsule. This resource is used to speed up the development of land to produce more resources. The capsule can be sold directly to the owner of the land the miner has excavated.

In addition to special equipment and suits, miners have the help of a robot canary that helps alert the dangers of mines and bring resources to the surface.


Owners can rent their land to miners to explore their land, or mine their own land for free. However, it is the responsibility of the owners to manage the scarcity of resources after a successful excavation. Therefore, it is essential to replenish resources periodically.

In the future, the game will allow landowners to upgrade and unlock new levels of features and other functionality.

equipment manufacturing

The creation and upgrade of equipment are essential for the miner to be able to explore deeper mines and find rare resources, in addition to fighting lethal enemies.

The craftable equipment is mining tools, weapons used to kill monsters, defense armor, exos that increase stats, helmets, and holos that customize the outfit.

These gear receive upgrades when merged with other gear of the same category, making them stronger, tougher, and more powerful.

Planetary travel and earth

Using a Navigator, miners travel from one planet to another to find lands with greater resources and different characteristics. Lands also have different biomes (aspects) such as earth, jungle, rock, and crypt.

Each land has depth levels that will require different equipment and attributes from miners. To access these levels, the miner must have attributes compatible with these aspects.

The amount and variety of resources also vary according to the depth of the land, as well as the dangers and enemies. The player must be smart to assess the terrain and explore in the best way in order to be able to mine the greatest amount of resources. Remembering that if the miner is exp

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