Decentralized platform, that aims to be the hub of web3 games.

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Deblox is a decentralized platform, that aims to be the hub of web3 games.


Deblox brings game providers, players, and crypto investors together with a fair launch mechanism using cutting-edge blockchain technology, which allows boundaryless, permissionless accessibility and transparency to all games or dApps across the platform.

The platform starts from a bunch of certain popular games from web2 world, and empower them with a "play-to-earn" model, which encourages game players or even Defi users and NFT collectors to play various games, collect and win cryptocurrency or NFTs.

Deblox also targets to build community driven society, all the platform token holders will be able to vote how the platform looks like via digital decentralized autonomous organization(DAO), on top of that, users will be able to play together, trade NFTs in the marketplace, and etc.

Decentralized Game Platform

Deblox is a game platform by introducing a brand new concept of "Game Slot", that links various game providers and game players virtually

It's still early days in decentralised platform nowadays, there is yet a matured game platform for users, and Deblox is a user-centric platform that provides a safe, convenient, and fun place to play and earn:

First thing first, user assets are safe. It's secured by Deblox unique . Decentralised area is full of adventures, and we still see different kinds of rug pulls and unknown risks every day. In Deblox, user funds are managed in Smart Contract with pay-per-use model, and contact with game providers indirectly.

Have trouble finding a nice game for you? Deblox can help you with this! Deblox always promotes popular games to the users, various airdrops and campaigns will be hosted periodically and help users to try out different games for free! Deblox will actively seek popular game providers to join our game list and ensure the best gaming experience

Last but not least, it's also a great platform for users to earn something while they play the games, and trading , more cool stuff to be announced soon!

On the other hand, it resolves 3 problems for the game providers:

Fast and easy onboarding to blockchain

There are a lot of game providers are rushing in the blockchain and hop-up a "GameFi" or "Play-to-earn" model, the most popular decentralized approach to engage game players and reward crypto tokens back to game players. However, there is a big technical barrier or "culture shock" to bring a traditional game into a blockchain-based game.

With the Deblox Game Platform, we believe it would make it easy and fast significantly to convert a traditional game into a blockchain-based one.

Acquire users

The next critical problem will always be acquiring users. There are a few hundreds of new games coming into this place, but who will survive with sufficient game players eventually? Few!

Deblox plaform is a potential solution as a decentralised game hub that game players can play and win rewards when they play! It will form up a strong community with huge loyal users to play and earn on this platform

Deblox will run different kinds of promotions and campaigns for all newcomers and existing players periodically

Financial system

Deblox platform itself is built on blockchian with a financial system natively

Deblox platform will initiate its own platform token DGS (Stands for Deblox GameS), which is a BEP20 compatible crypto token for all the activities in Deblox platform, like buy game points, stake to earn, trade with other tokens and etc.

This allows game providers to earn DGS tokens every time users buy game points

The Deblox consists of four main products acting together to build around user profiles:

Game Slot

Game slot is the key component of Deblox, and it links the various game providers and game players in a same platform permissionlessly. With the help of Game Slot, it doesn't require tedious user registration and security measures anymore, a user with a valid blockchain wallet like MetaMask can start to play any game available immediately

Deblox Platform will keep 100 Game Slots as a hard cap forever, it enforces the game providers to be competitive and provide the best gaming experience to game players, and it also makes it easier for users to pick up their favourite games.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

NFT is the most popular asset now in blockchain world, and Deblox utilizes NFTs across the whole platform for different purposes, e.g. the ownership of Game Slot, the game equipments of users and etc.

NFT is one of the fundamental assets utilized across the platform, the Deblox will provide a NFT market for various collectors to trade their NFT in the platform, so that users can buy & sell NFTs using


Deblox provides multiple ways to earn crypto assets, and staking is a common approach nowadays, users can stake different assets in Deblox platform to earn various assets with high interest rates.


As a game platform, Deblox promotes games that have a play-to-earn mechanism more, different economic models of games are welcome and supported as well, based on community votes.

The rewards for winning the game are

Game Slot

Deblox equipped with a new concept "Game Slot" using EVM smart contract

What is Game Slot?

Deblox equipped with a new concept "Game Slot" deployed as EVM compatible smart contract, which enables different game providers to bid by locking an unique non-fungible token(NFT), thereafter the game will be released by Deblox platform, and every user with a valid blockchain wallet(like Metamask) will be able to play the game

Why do we need Game Slot?

Good to know: Deblox team will partner with different institutions and individual contributors to create interesting games and bid game slot via Initial Game Offering activity, find more details:

Game slot is the key component of Deblox platform, which enables different game providers to provide their games to the blockchain users permissionlessly.

It's easy for game players to find out any game promoted in Deblox platform games slots and start to play any game immediately as game slot acts like a marketplace of games.

Non-fungible Token

NFT (e.g. roles, devices, pets, etc.) is a crypto asset in blockchain games. Now the players can extract their prized items as NFTs for both showcasing and trading.

Deblox NFTs Introduction

Every NFT represents the ownership of an asset to the owner, who are game players, collectors or game providers, and there are 3 major categories of NFTs present in Deblox:

Game Slot ownership

User assets

Game equipment

At present, Deblox NFTs are divided into Avatar NFTs, Game slot NFTs.

Avatar NFTs

Avatar NFT is a generative art designed by the Deblox team.

Platform Avatar NFT will be an avatar of users in the Deblox platform, including dApp UI and games.

Avatar NFT Contract Address on BSC: 0x163781857023f397f6372cBe66eCDadbec181854


•A premium asset with multiple benefits by simply holding onto it. e.g. showing off your unique avatar to others

•Join the Deblox Player club

•Multiple airdrops with tokens or NFTs [EST 1300 DGS/NFT]

How to get Avatar NFTs?

Everyone can participate Initial Game Offering (IGO) to get avatar NFTs

Game Slot NFTs

Each Game Slot NFT represents the ownership of a Deblox Game Slot.

The holders can upload their game information to the Deblox, e.g. description, game screenshot.

The Deblox will promote those games to game players which exposure to all Deblox users.

Each Game Slot has a staking pool, with dedicated game points as staking reward which can be used by its game only.

How to get Game Slot NFTs?

Everyone can participate Initial Game Offering (IGO) to get Game Slot NFTs.

Play to earn

Deblox promotes games that have a play-to-earn mechanism.

The Deblox will work together with the rest of our products to contribute to an environment where users can discover, play, invest and earn in the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

The gamers enjoy multiple games in the Deblox have less hassle switching games with the Deblox native token

The gamers can earn platform tokens in the game.

Deblox platform is a place to exchange all NFT assets.

Deblox NFT Marketplace is unique and exciting, and it helps connect gamers and users. The user's creative way to add value to their NFTs Deblox's NFT and games in the Deblox's NFT can trade in the Deblox NFT Marketplace.

Everyone can pick the NFT which is you want to buy. The user's creative way to add value to their NFTs We will announce when the marketplace is operated, so please follow us on Discord and Twitter to see any announcements.

Q:Can you please tell us the use cases of Avatars NFT?

[Deblox]:The Avatar NFT will be used as an Avatar of users in the Deblox platform, including dApp UI and games.

All Avatar NFT holders will receive DGS tokens and game points for free games. And the airdrop amount is 1300 DGS / Avatar NFT in your wallet, which is confirmed.

They are the NFT assets in Deblox. By exchanging them on the Deblox NFT marketplace, which will be launched shortly. The players will gain profit.

The Avatar NFT is a standard ERC721 token, and it’s tradeable, AFAIK, there is a platform called TofuNFT, and there are some orders to sell our mystery box already.

Only BNB(The binance smart chain gas token) is accepted to mint Avatar NFT, and the price is 0.1 BNB.

Deblox Games Tokens (DGS) is the governance token that will play a crucial role in the Deblox ecosystem.

DGS’s primary function is to be used as unified tokens on Deblox, and it is further empowered to DAO governance.

Gamers can use it to play in any games on Deblox, exchange game points for joining the game, or stake it to earn digital assets as rewards with high-interest rates.

In addition, game providers will be able to earn DGS every time when gamers buy game points.

Q:Deblox is also introducing its staking program where the rewards are the bonus that users can earn in different staking mechanisms. The rewards can be DGS tokens, Game points, and NFT. So, please, how do the players choose which option is preferable for them?

[Deblox]:The staking pool will launch after the DGS token issuance.

Then, the DGS holders can stake the DGS to earn the game point reward. The game point can use every game on the Deblox platform, but we won’t provide liquidity to the market. So it is only used in platform games.

The game point has a fixed ratio of 1:1 DGS token inside the game.

Q:Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

[Deblox]:DGS will burn the quarterly burn. As a result, it will provide greater transparency and predictability to the Deblox Community.

It will be both traceable and verifiable. The team will adjust the burn amount based on revenues generated on the Deblox platform through DGS.

In the future, the percentage of burn will be determined by community DAO governance. It grants the voting right to our avatar NFT holders and DGS tokens.

team is currently connecting with several investment institutions on private funding rounds. The funding and the list of investment institutions will be announced around Q1 2022.

At the same time, we are working on a lot of partnerships with some top-tier traditional game developers.please follow our social media for more upcoming news.

In addition, as we mentioned in the token distribution model, we will reserve 5% of the share for future potential investment institutions.

Please follow our social media for more upcoming news.

Today, we live in a world where content is readily created and shared. This creator economy, which builds on human creativity, intellectual property and technology, is a concept that continues to grow.

The Deblox community is that the way gamers interact with each other is a wide-open surface area .

Anyone can take part in the community regardless of where they are.

All that’s required is the holding Deblox native token, which creates a great building block for interacting with a community.

In turn, increase the value of the tokens of which each community member is in possession of.

Aways DYOR.

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