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Welcome to the new era of online, decentralized gaming where you own your properties and are not owned by them, governed by the community, and supported by a complex economy where supply and demand are the greatest currency through a fun farming in-game style.

As data gets important in our lifetime, decentralization, accessibility, and ownership of our possessions are becoming possible through blockchain systems. It’s important especially for players, in the gaming space, to be able to control what you hardly won. Having the possibility to have a decentralized representation of each item you got in your favorite game to be able to trade, speculate, exchange, store or just enjoy the freedom of your unique and rare assets, is not a dream anymore. On Crystal, create today your NFT characters linked directly on-chain and build it as you like with your own customized gameplay by your chosen NFT equipped on your character. Everything is tradeable and exchangeable between players, wallet to wallet: you own every item and in-game property in the form of blockchain NFT.

Based on a PVE system, you can farm with your crypto-friends to upgrade your character and drop NFT Crystal, spells or items in dungeon fights, therefore, giving you the possibility to trade them for better ones in a decentralized way, or even making direct money through any NFT marketplace! 1 Presentation & Lore Crystal is a fantasy world where recently a mine has been discovered in which lies the remnant of an ancient civilization. In there, we found magical gems that held tremendous power that were named Crystal by the founders.

After hearing the news, every great empire on the continent sent groups of mercenaries across the globe to get a hold of the precious magical resource, at the same time lone adventurers tried their shots at glory, power and fame. Soon after, a city formed around the entrance of the mine “Crystal”. The city is surrounded by mountains and a lot of people went there to live and find healtyness: Mercenaries, merchants, traders: everyone who thinks they could potentially live directly from the exploitation. The mysterious mine, situated behind a huge door on the mountain flank, is a seemingly infinite source of Crystal which are hodl and kept secret by guardians; some groups of monsters, dragons and other creatures living in the mine are protecting the ecosystem.

There are three big factions that contest the possessions of Crystal that are only at peace because war would disrupt the extraction of the magical resource, but be sure that the tension is constant between them. Inside “Crystal”, you will find a new and blooming city with all your needs to join into the fight and try to take Crystals from the mine! The city is built mostly by several different peoples, by small groups of adventurers and merchants.

The buildings of the city reveal the remains of the three different factions as well as other adventurers sent from other countries, which gives a very heterogeneous architectural mix. This is what makes “Crystal” a unique capital The city remains a neutral ground where Crystal and CST (money) make law. The Inventory & Gameplay System On Crystal, all items, spells, and characters are NFTs, which means that you can access them in-game and also on blockchain. No experience level exists on a character, instead, the items that you equip help to determine the e-power of your character, it gives more flexibility for NFT items exchanges while keeping some kind of levels existences.

No class exists on Crystal (except for starter packs with cosmetics), everyone starts with the same chances and same bases, you create your own gamestyle by choosing the Crystal you’re equipping to play as a DPS, heal, tank... To have spells and cast them, you will need Crystal gems, which are the core of the lore of Crystal, foundable in the Mine. By using them and setting them up into your items equipped on your inventory, you will unlock castable spells based on the Crystal characteristics. To make that happen, you will need to head up to the Crystal town and get to the Black smith, then use some CST token that will be burned to link it up to a specific item into your inventory, you can also try to upgrade them.

An interactive map is available at the entry of the Crystal mine, which leads to multiple possible paths inside: that give different types of loot and Crystal elements with rooms of dungeons, or direct hard boss with better loot. The more you dive into the mine, the harder it gets while the loot is increasing too. You can team up with friends in groups to get into the mine and farm together with them, at a maximum of 4 players, it will increase or decrease the difficulty by the numbers of players in the mine instance to keep it fair. The Game Economy While you can enjoy, have fun with your friends playing Crystal, you can also profit from the Play To Earn experience to win real money, which makes the game even more exciting! In our world, there are two currencies available for use and exchanges, both tradeable and exchangeable on decentralized platforms like Uniswap. The first one is the CCT coin which stands for Crystal coin, This token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain is the base crypto-currency for on-chain payment and special packs such as starter packs, special NFT sell events, or exchanging for the in-game currency CST which stands for Crystal Shard. You can also use the CCT coin for buying and selling NFT properties (items, Crystal, spells…) from the game into our online web marketplace using your Wallet (like Metamask).

Crystal Shard (CST) is the in-game money, adventurers like you can find it in dungeons, it comes in many forms with the main utility you can find for it is to trade it with NPC’s like the blacksmith or the merchant or to invest it in the Bank. You can win CST tokens in-game by farming, exchanging from NPCS, through some quests; by dungeons, and fighting rewards. Later on, you will have the possibility to stake into the Bank in-game to profit from staking rewards with a net APY per year which will have multiple in-game conditions to participate. You can trade your NFT items and other goods using the CCT coin, which means that you can play, drop some stuff, speculate, and win real money from it.

Crystals are gems that contain magical power giving you access to some spells powers equipable on your inventory items, which are sellable to on the NFT Marketplace. The Technicals Crystal world is combined with blockchain to empower the accessibility and the ownership of users’ data/objects. To play on Crystal, you will need an Ethereum-based wallet using a browser extension such as Metamask, by logging in with your wallet through a digital crypto-signature, you will auth yourself on-chain and into the game, details are available on Crystal docs for beginners. The client to play is developed and maintained with the Unity game engine* and run through our online website at using the WebGL technology* with low-polygon design* style to assure a scalable online browser game.

It works with a centralized and a decentralized gateway. First, to login and connect to the Crystal World, a back-end game server programmed in C# language* bridges your decentralized NFTs from your wallet to the server while you are playing. Then an API* makes the gateway link between your wallet and the server. All of your characters, spells, items, Crystal are represented in both NFTs and on our centralized ACID database* so that you can use them in-game and improve/ modify them. When connecting with your wallet to the game, you are redirected through a proxy server* to a specific thread process instance* of the game lobby (the Crystal city on which you spawn); you can then create groups with your friends and join the mine to fights -> a new instance spawn to handle your activities, fights. When you disconnect from the online Crystal in-game world, you can withdraw all your possessions in NFT forms that are broadcasted and sent by our backend system*, therefore giving all the power of centralized management for the game and the decentralization freedom of your in-game properties that you will own for a lifetime. The Tokenomics As we have two currencies, one for in-game named Crystal Shard (CST) and one main token for on-chain activity Crystal coin (CCT), we need some solids tokenomics to have a year’s scalable game to assure an in-game and offgame wealthy economy.

The Crystal coin has a total max supply of 250,000,000 CCT coins, As detailed below, our tokenomics are quite specific and fixed. The CCT token is not mintable, which means that it can’t have more than 250M CCT issued. Schedule of CCT tokenomics: Server network hosting, game client, and server.

The CST token is mintable which means that new ones can be created for things such as farming in-game rewards or special online events. It can be traded like any other currency on CEX & DEX*. It’s also a deflationary token because you can use CST token in-game for special rewards, for example, if you want to link your items to Crystal gems settings, you will need to burn some CST to make it happen, or if you want to buy consumables items such as potions or others to help you through your journey; you will need to burn CST tokens to the city NPCs.

The In-game token will have base liquidity on decentralized protocol backed by the CCT token on a managed pool to assure the buying ability and sellability of the in-game token, but the main way to get CST token will still be in-game by playing and winning rewards, as our system is described “Play to Earn”. Our backend server engine will have control over the total supply.

If there is a need to mint new CST, it will be made automatically by the system, which means that in terms of investment in the project: it is better to go for CCT token, but if you are a player and want in-game activities, you will have to use and go through the CST token.

On Crystal, we have a huge team with experience in several domains: Our CEO has already successfully started projects and business around the cryptoworld and have a specific idea of how gamefi on blockchain with NFT’s will have a serious impact in the whole gaming industry in the next few years. As for our CTO, he is working officially as an experienced software engineer at the Unity game engine company, which makes him really valuable and a 9 powerful growth potential of our game, also possibilities for the entire team to do anything that we ever dreamed of, on Crystal.

We are a team of six programmers, developers that always had fun playing a lot of games, such as MMORPG, and we are all interested in the crypto-industry: we see the potential of data and features that can be built using blockchain, so we had to create our own world!

As for our design, model and illustration, we have three talented artists to make specific tasks: character design, painting and 3D modelization; items; dungeons, and also user experience or things such as website branding, layout, and Crystal 2D images.

They also have experience using the Unity engine for creating our leveldesign and dungeons contents, therefore, we will have the possibility with our developers to innovate, add features along the way, and the imagination that comes with our artists! For our scenario, lore and story, spells, playability, design of farming.

we have a talented game designer that had the chance to work in Ankama office, which is one of the biggest MMORPG creators in the European industry with the French game leading it: Dofus. We will have plenty of ideas and features to add into our game, doable due to our experience and a highly trained team on those domains.

Conclusion Crystal aims to be an innovative 3D online, cooperative game working with blockchain and leveraging the crypto economy, while players can own their 10 goods, making money while having fun with exchange and trade between users always existed on MMORPG. It was before, prohibited or even eventually got banned on a usual game (for example website to buy digital game currencies): now you can use cryptosystem to make it happen in a secure way.

Using NFTs and decentralized protocol, a whole new way of doing games and interactions between players come with it, which is really exciting, our goal is to make it more main-stream so that big industries see the potential in the technology like us and create the next decentralized game world of tomorrow.

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