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We are in full pre-sale of our CryptoX Token. 🥳🥳🥳

If you are qualifying for our token benefit, here you will find your questions.

🚀What is the CryptoX token?

Token CriX is a Brazilian cryptocurrency that will give you access to DEX (Decentralized Plata) where it will be possible to staking (passive income gain), ours (Lending - interest gain) and other utilities with the objective of value for our holders.

🚀What is the purpose of the team behind the token?

The main objective behind CriptoX has always been a sense of appreciation of the equipment, objective in the price of the increasingly expensive asset in the market

🚀 And how will we do it?

Adam Smith created a famous law of economics and demand that is easily observed in the prices of the products we buy on a daily basis. The price of an offer is determined by the ratio of the quantity being traded to the demand being offered by the same offer. And what does this mean? The more people are committed and the less quantity available for purchase; higher will be her price

In this way, the team will be constantly promoting the Crypto X token with marketing actions in order to bring the knowledge of more people, generating an increase in the demand for the token. On the supply side; o will have programmed tokens programmed to make the cryptocurrency on the market, making increasingly scarce tokens available to buy more and more valuable cryptocurrency.

🚀How do you acquire the token?

Our token is on pre-sale on the Pinksale platform, its initial price is 0.00000008, per unit, to buy just access the website below, connect your wallet and

All-in-One Solution

CROx is a Defi token, that brings in its functionality, appropriate encoding. This encoding, makes it a payment ready token, that will provide various financial solutions for its investors.

Nonstop Updates

For updates, please follow CriptoFan Network. The development team is committed and is constantly working to maintain what already exists and bring more and more innovations.

Advanced Tools

Scheduled for January 2023, CriptoX will have its own payment system, CriptoX Pay. It will bring a revolution in the way of trading and will be supported by the BSC network. In addition, through CriptoFan Swap, it will be possible to invest and accumulate even more tokens.

🚀 Is there a minimum and maximum purchase?

Yes, the minimum purchase per person is 0.1BNB approximately R$210.00 (Two hundred and ten reais). And the maximum purchase per person is 0.8BNB, approximately R$1,650.00 (one thousand six hundred and fifty reais).

🚀 When will the token launch?

As soon as we finalize the pre-sale, we prepare the launch of the cryptocurrency to the general public on Pankakeswap on the 28/02th at a time to be announced here at community2022.

🚀What will be the launch price on Pankakeswap on 02/28?

Impossible to know the launch price on Pankakeswap because it will depend on the success of the pre-sale, the greater the amount of purchase in the pre-sale, the higher the launch price of the token, however it is liquid and certain that the launch price of Pankake will be very higher than the pre-sale purchase price due to the acquisition of liquidity.

🚀Will I be able to sell all the tokens I bought in the pre-sale? Dump all my tokens there on Pankakeswap on 02/28 and make a huge and immediate profit?

No, the low pre-sale price and competitive advantage is very profitable in the pre-sale is huge, it would give an immediate profit to speculators who would only intend to sell to make the sale quickly and quickly the project would be enormously profitable harmed. The pre-sale was designed in a defined way at Pinksale with the acquisition system, which is a protection for the project and for the holders themselves, to avoid the mass eviction of speculators, you will be able, if you sell at 35% of what bought insurance on the 28th and the rest can sell 20% monthly. Intention of the team behind CryptoX is not marketing after the launch of Pankakeswap to keep the price of the token focus higher and higher making people want to leave the project to be able to sell more and more and the chart continues without its advances more and more .


Token & Blockchain Solutions

A token with the purpose of supporting the most diverse existing social causes, seeking to add value not only to the asset itself, but also to everyone involved in its actions…

Created on the Binance SmartChain network, CR0x has in its code the following functions: Burn (burning scheduled every four months) in order to contribute to the balance and liquidity of the asset, creation/deletion of surplus supply in order to avoid deliberate eviction in the market. In addition, after launching its own Dex (Decentralized Exchange), it will be possible to explore the stake and farm features, with the aim of encouraging hold, directly influencing the value of the asset.

Cripto Fanatic’s, our brand responsible for creating and managing the NFT project. Through it, CriptoFan is developing several collections based on exclusive characters and of its own authorship.

With an excellent team of professionals in artistic design and design, Cripto Fanatic's is developing comic books (comics) in NFT and is emerging with a new niche, Financial Education in Blockchain, something totally pioneering and that will certainly revolutionize once and for all. this comic's market.

In addition, with the launch of NFT Genesis, its holders will have access to exclusive farms that will allow them to accumulate large amounts of our governance token, which is already in the planning phase and will soon also be available on the market.

Get yours now, it's limited edition!

Owner of the registered trademark Cripto Fanatics, CriptoFan comes with a lot of news already before the launch of the CriptoX token (CR0x). We will launch, as one of the pioneers in this model, our comic's magazine (comic magazine) with several editions, which in addition to being fun, will also have an educational nature focused on blockchain. With its fully authored characters, CriptoFan Network intends to launch several NFT collections with the Cripto Fanatics brand as well as its NFT comics and, in the future, launch a blockchain game, capable of generating utility and economic value for the Defi token as well as others. products produced by it. In addition, we will have our governance token on Polygon that will allow us to go further, through the possibility of exchanging NFT for tokens, both Defi and “powers” for the community.

Com uma excelente equipe de profissionais em design artístico e design, a Cripto Fanatic's está desenvolvendo histórias em quadrinhos (quadrinhos) em NFT e está surgindo com um novo nicho, Educação Financeira em Blockchain, algo totalmente pioneiro e que certamente irá revolucionar de uma vez por todas. este mercado de quadrinhos.

Além disso, com o lançamento do NFT Genesis, seus titulares terão acesso a fazendas exclusivas que permitirão acumular grandes quantidades de nosso token de governança, que já está em fase de planejamento e em breve também estará disponível no mercado.

Garanta já o seu, é edição limitada!

Dono da marca registrada Cripto Fanatics, o CriptoFan vem com muitas novidades já antes do lançamento do token CriptoX (CR0x). Lançaremos, como uma das pioneiras nesse modelo, nossa revista em quadrinhos (comic magazine) com várias edições, que além de divertidas, também terão um cunho educacional focado em blockchain. Com seus personagens totalmente de autoria, a CriptoFan Network pretende lançar diversas coleções NFT com a marca Cripto Fanatics, bem como seus quadrinhos NFT e, futuramente, lançar um jogo blockchain, capaz de gerar utilidade e valor econômico para o token Defi, bem como outras. produtos por ela produzidos. Além disso, teremos nosso token de governança no Polygon que nos permitirá ir mais longe, através da possibilidade de trocar NFT por tokens, tanto Defi quanto “powers” ​​para a comunidade.

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