Bitcoin Cash is Overtaking Bitcoin - The Hidden Truth

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3 years ago

We, holders, believers of Bitcoin Cash, already know that it's just a question of time before people realize that BCH is Better than BTC, or better, BCH is what BTC should be. It's a hidden gem, why, mostly of Bitcoin Maximalist hates BCH? If we tried to understand is quite simple, most of them hate everything that works like cash, and it's cheap, they see crypto as just an asset, and not as a currency, why it can't be both?

So it's normal to pay 5$ in fees or even more for just one transaction? some people explain that the Value of BTC is more than 30000$ and 5-10$ is really cheap to transact an asset with this value, but, if I just want to send 2? to buy something that I want to? I'll not buy 30000$ in coffee, I just want a 1$ coffee, paying with crypto, decentralized, fast, cheaper, this is IMpossible with BTC.

BTC is seemingly shaping up as a never inflating bubble, because, and hear me out, it doesn't have a use outside of "store of value"

You need to be able to MOVE that value and USE IT

BTC doesn't allow for that easily

So, the hate is not because BCH is bad, it's just the simple fact, that it's better, works for my everyday payments, faster, bigger, more complete, don't look only at the USD value, we have the same amount of satoshis, but guess what, we are almost reaching the Bitcoin Daily transactions, without 5$ fees.

"huurrr duuur, but BCH Hash power is 50 times lower than BTC, it' can't reach the Bitcoin."

So, a coin with 50 times less hashing power than BTC can transact the same amount of transactions without 5$ (wow, this must be so bad)

Bitcoin Cash already Transacted 2 Million Transactions per day, it's an example that BCH can easily overtake not only BTC but our most common payment method like Credit cards.

Bitcoin Cash Transactions per day now:

Some of the knowing causes of this huge change are websites like, with more than 50K user registred, transacting micropayments of cents, using the BCH blockchain, showing the real power of a good cryptocurrency, so, Bitcoin can't do that, it's impossible to send 1 cent on the bitcoin Blockchain, number of the transactions are really important to show how powerful it can be if allows sending cents with low fees, it allows to send a few $ with low fees and allow to send million with the same fee, btw, the amount of USD being transacted on the BCH blockchain is growing too.

Since the last week of December 2020, BCH transaction counts per day have steadily risen northbound and have come awfully close to matching the Bitcoin (BTC) network’s daily output. (big thanks to @MarcDeMesel to make this possible by donating to

6.357MB block with 26,314 transactions:

And this is Bitcoin Today:

Zero transactions with 1 cent fee, no tokens, no fast blocks.

How many platforms are powered by BCH?,,, detoken, flipstarter, and much more, none of those could run on Bitcoin, or even top major crypto, so, you still think that BCH will not boom? look at everything that this crypto can deliver, in one year we can reach ETH, btw we can pass it, BCH is the coin most used by merchants around the world, the number increases every day, we are the crypto of global adoption, we are Bitcoin Cash.

Enjoy the opportunity to accumulate more, 2021 will be one of the best years for BCH for sure.

The very optimistic market today, we closed the month of January on a high, and without any correct correction! Who started the month with Bitcoin Cash had a 23.4% increase in their equity against just 13.9% of Bitcoin Core.

Hold and buy gradually from time to time, as the result tends to be positive in the long run.

And don't forget, Bitcoin Cash is the only crypto with many platforms that make it possible to earn, for free some BCH, and be part of this revolution, have a great week ahead.

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