Bitcoin Cash in Brazil - Flipstarter Funded, Thank you all.

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3 years ago

Thank you BCH Community, you all are Superstars.

Hello everyone, I'm here now to say thank you for everyone that has pledged in the flipstarter campaign to collect funds to spread awareness about Bitcoin Cash here in Brazil. -

The community was really supportive and helped me in all the steps to make this happen.

Now it's time to start the work, the first thing I'll work now is to develop the, design, hosting plan, domain renewal, and all the information, the website will be a place for everyone to start in BCH here, in Portuguese I'll put all the main information about BCH and the community, including information of which wallets to use, websites that use BCH, community links and more.

For the live events, I've said in the next 3 months, maybe I won't see so many live events this year, but no worries, all the funds for live events will be used for it, even if only happen in the next year.

I'll share all the good news with the community here, and you can ask me too about how things are going.

I'have a long journey now, if you have any ideas to share few free to send me a message on Telegram: @shadow_cryptoz

Thank you all:

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And thanks also to everyone that talked with me about the details and helped to share.

Time to work now.

Thank you BCH Community, you all are Superstars.

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3 years ago


I am glad you were able to raise the amount you needed for the project. You now have lot of work to do. You better get started. I will look forward to updates from you regarding this project.

I wish you success.

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3 years ago

Thank you :)

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3 years ago

You are welcome

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