2021 is the year of altcoins? Ethereum expected to reach $4000

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The popular cryptocurrency analyst Coin Bureau explains why he sees Ethereum (ETH) reaching the $ 4,000 level by the end of July.

In a new video, pseudonym trader Guy begins by noting the massive increase in active addresses on the Ethereum network. “Recently, the demand for the Ethereum chain has increased. You just need to take a look at the total number of active addresses on the network. As you can see, this is the highest point of more than 580 thousand addresses. ”

In his opinion, the expansion of demand for the Ethereum network is reduced to three main factors: decentralized finance (DeFi), stablecoins and NFTs. All three spaces, which are growing at exponential rates, are predominantly dependent on Ethereum more than anything else, creating a huge need for the main smart contract platform.

The trader also highlights the ever-decreasing supply of ETH for sale and the interesting relationship that develops between the amount of ETH that comes out of the exchanges and that which is blocked in smart contracts.

In addition to Ethereum's growing demand and ecosystem, Coin Bureau notes that the highly anticipated EIP 1159 update, which aims to make the Ethereum network more economical, is coming and could potentially ignite the rise of ETH to greater heights.

Since the creation of bitcoin in 2009, the number of digital assets has exploded, cryptocurrencies with the most diverse functions, with as many choices as we can diversify in this market? Is there any way to do this easily?

Looking for solutions to a problem that many people encounter, I will show you the most practical options to diversify in the cryptocurrency market.

1. Crypto funds

Crypto funds have become known in Brazil thanks to the efforts of Vitreo and Hashdex, the two largest digital asset managers on the national scene.

These funds are available from major banks such as BB and Inter. An example is Vitreo Criptomoedas FIC FIM IE, available on Inter and which has an allocation of 60% in bitcoin and 20% in altcoins. He seeks to follow ideas from the “Exponential Coins” report, released by Empiricus to make decisions regarding the fund's portfolio.

The fund has a management fee of 1.5% and a minimum investment of R $ 5,000.00, with a term of D + 13 working days for settlement of the asset (for the balance to be available in your account).

5% of Vitreo Criptomoedas FIC FIM IE's net worth can be invested in federal securities and other fixed income investments.

2. Blue Token - Blue

Blue is the easiest way to diversify for those who already have bitcoin or ether (ethereum). It was created by Stratum, a company founded by one of the largest investors in the Brazilian crypto market, businessman Rocelo Lopes.

Composed of a basket of 14 cryptos, including the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market value and 4 others with great potential, Blue also has other features such as:

Voting system for choosing 2 cryptography;

It can be freely transferred to any wallet using the blockchain;

Allows transfers between Blue portfolios;

Allows participation in important airdops and hardforks according to the safety assessment and other factors;

It has a referral program;

In addition, it is the only option for those who want to ensure privacy in the diversification of cryptography, as it allows the purchase only using an email and password. The token has a custody tee (2%) and a trading tee (6%).

3. ETF

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is traded directly at brokers and can be settled to another buyer directly, unlike the common funds where settlement is made by the manager.

An ETF has the advantage of following an index passively, that is, it will have minimal interference from the manager, while most common funds rely on active management.

We still don't have the rates and conditions for ETFs that have already been approved by Brazilian regulatory bodies, but we know that we will have ETFs of different flavors - including a bitcoin only and a diversified one in crypto.

4. Buy and diversify yourself

If you are willing to keep up with all the news from the crypto market, rebalance your portfolio and take care of the management and security of your own funds, then you may be interested in creating your own portfolio of digital assets.

Some portfolios like Exodus and the Blockfolio app help you in tracking trades, recording relevant data such as purchase price and percentage of assets in the portfolio and earnings in the period.

Services such as Novadax, Binance, Bitpreço, Foxbit and Alter and Stratum can facilitate the moment of your purchase, each one of them has advantages and disadvantages so we recommend testing them all to see which service meets your needs.

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