Why Do Dogs Cry?

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We all love animals to some extent. While some of us hug the cat and dog they see on the street, some of us are content with just loving from afar. While the number of animals that some of us keep at home is increasing day by day, some of us are content with only feeding fish.

Having a dog, taking care of a dog means making him a partner in your life. Tasks such as taking him out at least twice a day, feeding him at the appropriate times, giving his education, taking care of him, playing with him, making physical contact await you. Forget staying out at night, if you have a dog waiting for you at home, you can say goodbye to pajama parties in other houses. Although it may seem scary at first, these are all factors that cause you to form an emotional bond with your dog.

Dogs are more emotional animals than cats. While your cat retreats to a corner of the hall after eating its food, your dog may prefer your lap to sleep most of the time, or at worst, your knees.

For dogs, a sense of commitment is a reassuring concept and is very important. Even when he cannot communicate with you for an hour or two, he may be affected by this situation. This is particularly common in puppies.

If you have a puppy, he may react in various ways when he does not see you for a while and is left alone. He may whine, howl or cry. To prevent this, you need to teach your puppy that there are times when he will be alone at home. If you take care of him when you come home, this motivation will develop over time.

In addition, puppies may try to express their food and toilet needs by crying, just like babies.

The situation may be more serious if you have an adult dog and it is crying. In this case, first of all, you need to make sure that your dog does not have any health problems. He may have an illness or something is hurting him and your dog may cry for these reasons.

If you have an older dog, a functional disorder may be hurting him, or he may cry if there is a function his body is not performing properly.

In short, an adult dog crying is usually for physical reasons, not emotional ones.

If this happens too often for puppies, support from a veterinarian should be sought.

Crying can also be a way your dog chooses to communicate with you, just like barking.

You have to listen to him well, take care and communicate.

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