Why Do Cats Meow?

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Meows are the reflection of cat language to us. Even if we don't speak the same language, if you observe your cat well, you can easily figure out why it meows and what it actually wants to tell you. So you can have a more enjoyable relationship. In short, you can learn a lot about your cat if you listen carefully to how it meows.

Cats have different characteristics just like humans. While some cats do not meow at all and sit quietly, some cats can meow constantly, just like a chatty person. Both are quite normal and a characteristic feature. Your cat may prefer to communicate with you by meowing, as well as by watching from afar or using body language.

Things to Know About Meowing

Cats are born instinctively knowing how to meow. Where and how to meow, they learn and develop over time.

When cats meow, if they realize that their owners are taking care of them, they develop different types of meowing, almost by trial and error.

If your cat is alone at home during the day and meows when you come home in the evening, it is because he misses you and wants attention. Cats are intelligent creatures. Before you even enter the door of the house, they hear the sound of the key and take action. Your cat is happy to see you and is sending me a hug. As soon as you sit down, he may already be settled before you pick him up.

When faced with prey, the cat may meow in a strange, squeaky manner. The reason for this is most likely to concentrate on and capture its prey.

Longer meows or even howls can be seen during times of anger. The reason for this is to show the opposite sex cats around and show their desire to mate by making their voices heard. It is a form of meowing especially exhibited by female cats.

If he meows constantly while peeing/pooping in the sand, eating food or cleaning himself, this may indicate that your cat has a problem.

Likewise, if you have a cat that does not make any noise under normal conditions but suddenly starts to meow, or vice versa, if you have a cat that is quite chatty under normal conditions and suddenly becomes silent, this may mean that there is a problem.

If your cat meows for a long time and insistently, it is an indication that he wants something from you.

If your cat meows more loudly, if it comes from his throat, it means he is happy to see you. It is also a meow that mother cats use to gather their kittens around.

If your cat is making gurgling sounds, it means he's excited. Usually birds make these sounds when they see them.

If he meows in a long, hoarse voice, it means he is unhappy, he may be hurting, or he may be objecting to the current situation. Cats can make this sound when vomiting their fur.

If your cat has stopped meowing and started hissing, the message is pretty simple. Whatever you are doing, you should stop it immediately and leave your cat alone.

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