What to Do in a Dog Attack?

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What would you do if you were attacked by a dog while you were jogging outside or jogging on the beach? Whether you love dogs or are afraid of them, it is not possible not to panic in the event of an attack. The dog who feels that you are panicking will be more confident. What did they say? Dogs understand that people are afraid of them!

So what should be done in a dog attack? In this article, we will give you some tactics and share with you how you can get rid of a dog attack.

What to do in case of a dog attack?

First of all, don't panic. If you yell or run, the dog may feel safer or feel threatened. This makes it more likely to attack you.

If a dog approaches you, stand up straight and motionless with your hands at your sides, avert your eyes. So the dog will also lose interest and walk away.

Do not try to kick the dog with your feet because the dog will perceive this as a threat as well.

Do not make eye contact with the dog, making eye contact can also cause the dog to attack.

Do not try to run away, because the dog may just want to play, but your running may cause him to attack. Also remember that it is very, very difficult to run faster than a dog. Even if you are on a bike, dogs can easily catch you.

Do not throw stones at the dog.

Try to distract the dog with another object. You can divert the dog's attention by throwing your backpack or water bottle away. This will give you time to escape.

Tell the dog to back off, avoiding eye contact. In a strong, deep, authoritative and confident voice, command "Back off".

If you can, get into a car or climb to a height where your dog cannot reach you.

If you have a cane or umbrella with you, keep them in front of you and look bigger and have more control of your own space. So your body language will tell the dog: “I don't want your space. I just want my own space in which I am.”

Never turn your back on the dog, always keep it in sight, but avoid direct eye contact.

If you have pepper spray with you, start spraying it on the dog's face and keep spraying it until the dog stops. However, be careful not to inhale the pepper spray yourself.

If, after all, the dog attacks you and starts biting you, you will have to protect yourself too. Hit the dog's throat, nose and back of the head. So the dog will be stunned and you will have some time to escape. You can also raise your voice now and shout for help while fighting the dog. However, you should not scream, because screaming can strengthen the dog's attack.

If you have a stick, you can hit the dog with it. But don't hit the dog on the head, because dogs have very strong skulls and this will only make them more angry. Of course, no one wants to harm an animal, but you should not forget that your life is in danger here.

Dogs bite but cannot wrestle. You can take advantage of your weight to apply pressure to certain parts of the dog's body and ensure that the dog cannot move until help reaches you.

Protect your face, chest and throat if you fall during the attack. Lie on your stomach, pull your knees in and cover your ears with your hands.

As soon as the dog loses interest, leave the place carefully and quietly.


If you have been bitten by a dog despite all your efforts, remember that even a small bite can cause an infection and first stop the bleeding by applying gentle pressure with a clean cloth or sterilized gauze (if the bleeding is too much, go to the hospital immediately). Wash the injured area with warm water and soap. Then wrap the wound with a sterile bandage. Remember that all you do is only first aid and go to the nearest hospital. If there is redness and warmth in the injured area, if the sensitivity is increasing, keep in mind that the situation may be even more serious.

After a dog attack, call the relevant units and prevent the dog from biting others.

Teach children: “Never run away from an aggressive dog, be a tree or a stump“.

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