What does your dog want to tell you?

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We all go through long and tiring days from time to time. Misunderstandings, long meetings at work, projects that need to be brought up… Imagine that at the end of a day like this, you spend about an hour in traffic and go home, your dog starts to get excited as soon as you open the door of the apartment, your dog smells it. When you come to the door of your house, your dog is waiting for you with its endless love and wants attention from you.

Dogs are very mentally gifted

We all give many messages to those around us with our body language and we can read these messages at the same time. Even if there are cultural differences, there is a body language that all humanity has developed universally. Nervous people act sharply, nervous people move quickly, calm people have a relaxing fluidity in their movements.

This number of neurons in the cerebral cortex region of the brain shows how rich the mental state is and the ability to predict what is going on in the environment based on past experiences. From this point of view, we can say that dogs can do more biologically complex things than cats. Actually, our aim is not to make a comparison between cats and dogs, but it should be said that this research dispels the belief that cats are more intelligent.

Do we understand dogs well enough?

So, do we understand our dogs, our mentally gifted friends, enough? Dogs have 4 basic mindsets that affect their behavior: Aggressive, obedient, shy and excited. Sometimes these mindsets can coexist; a dog can exhibit behaviors that show both a shy and an aggressive mindset. He can also be excited and obedient at times. These 4 mindsets determine dog behavior. Here are some of these behaviors:

1. Standing still

It may take a very short time for your dog to stand still. That's why you should carefully examine your dog at that time. If a dog is standing still, there can be three reasons. If your dog is standing on all fours, it means that he is watching things calmly and confidently. If it stands balanced on its hind legs and unbalanced on its front legs, it is ready for action. If it is balanced on its front legs, it means your dog is very excited and is about to take off at any moment.

2. Eyes tell it all

The saying “eyes are the mirror of the heart” applies to dogs as well as humans. You can tell a lot about a dog's mood by looking into his eyes. Almond-shaped, relaxed eye movements indicate that the dog is calm. Round eyes indicate that your dog is confused and excited. If the white part of your dog's eyes is too visible, be careful. This dog may be nervous or upset.

3. Not all runs are the same

When dogs play, they use a very different running technique. They move both vertically and horizontally, like children's toy horses. Running this way has no purpose of getting anywhere. At that time, your dog's only desire is to enjoy playing. If a dog runs this way to you or your dog runs this way to someone else, you may believe that his sole purpose is to play. However, it may still bump into you or act a bit harshly while playing games.

4. Tail wagging is like smiling

For dogs, the tail is an important communication tool. Dogs use their tails the same way humans use their smiles. Tail wagging means a dog's smile. Bringing its tail down and wagging it quickly is like a nervous laugh for a dog. An upturned, slowly waving tail indicates a confident smile. A tail of medium height, waving quickly and widely, or even banging around, indicates an excited smile.

5. Do you hear what I hear?

Dogs can move their two ears independently of each other and rotate them 180 degrees. The more forward a dog's ears are, the more confident your dog is. If your dog's ears are set back, it means he is afraid. However, it is not limited to this. Dogs also sometimes use their ears to communicate. A dog that suddenly stands up and puts its ears forward wants to say to its owner, “Do you hear what I hear?” Recognizing where the sound is coming from, the dog's ears drop and it calms down.

6. Will you play with me?

Playing games is one of the dogs' favorite things. If your dog is stretching his front legs and lying on the ground on his poles, this stance is called the "game salute". A dog standing in this position is asking you to play with it.

7. Have you upset your dog?

Many of us are used to seeing dogs as hopeful. Seeing them sad is sad for all of us. However, sometimes dogs can get upset, too. When a dog is upset, it shows by howling. If your dog is howling, you may have upset him. You can try to get his heart.

8. The meaning of each sound is different

Your dog may not be speaking, but he will tell you different things with every sound he makes. For example, a calm dog breathes quietly. But if he's breathing heavily, this may be something you need to watch out for. Your dog may have been in very hot weather and in this case you should take him to a cool place. If your dog is making a whining sound, it may mean that he is asking for something from you. You may even notice that over time your dog makes different whining noises for different things. You can think of the barking sound as the barking of a dog. If your dog is barking, he is definitely trying to tell you something. You should listen to his voice.

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