Ways to get your cat and dog to love each other

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Animals are truly magnificent creatures. We humans, on the other hand, generalize them from time to time, and set our own limits. One of them is that cats and dogs will never get along with each other. Yes, there may be some difficulties, but this is just a generalization. There are many people who live happily in the same house with their cat and dog. The important thing is to know how to do this and be careful.

If you have a pet accompanying you in the house and you are planning to have a new pet in the house, you should pay attention to some things. The first thing you should pay attention to is the age issue. Pets that come together and grow up at a young age are always easier to form a close relationship with. If you have a pet at home and a new pet is coming, you can make sure that the new one is not an adult cat or dog.

The second most important issue is who lived in that house before. Sometimes pet owners take this very seriously. Actually, it doesn't matter, the important thing is that everyone has equal rights in that house now. There's also the issue of compatibility. If your dog is very playful and your cat is very cowardly, they may not be a harmonious couple. Therefore, when acquiring a new pet, you should consider the characteristics of your previous pet.

If you have passed this first stage, you can proceed to the second stage. You have a new pet in your house and you want them to like each other and get along well. Here are ways to make your cat and dog love each other…

1. Consider the character, not the breed, of your pet

There is a rumor that some breeds of cats and dogs get along better with each other. However, the character and energy level of your pet is more important than the breed. If you have an energetic dog and a timid cat, this may not be a good match. If two animals do not get along well with each other, you can arrange your home accordingly instead of giving up quickly. You can make an arrangement to keep your pets separate from each other.

2. Train your dog

If you want your dog to get along with cats, you must teach him to control his instincts. If you have a dog that jumps on him when he sees someone drop a cookie or gets very excited when he sees a moving toy, he probably won't get along very well with cats.

3. Before your cat meets the dog, determine its own area

Cats need a "sheltered space". If you consider cats to be natural climbers, you can take advantage of your home's space vertically and make a space for your cat above a certain height. In this way, your cat can easily observe the behavior of the dog in the house from the high place it stands.

4. Make sure your dog gets both physical and mental exercise

It is very important for dogs to throw their energy away and behave calmly towards other living things. If you want your dog to get along well and calmly with the cat in the house, give your dog exercise and play with it. Controlling your dog's instincts also makes it less likely to chase a cat.

5. Let cats and dogs follow their noses

Let them follow their noses before introducing the cat and dog to each other. Let them smell each other's toys, where they sleep. This makes it easier for them to get to know each other.

6. Plan the first encounter in advance

First impressions are very important for cats and dogs, just like humans. For the first encounter, you can choose the meal time that both cats and dogs love very much. But be sure to keep both animals' meals away from each other. You can repeat this a few more times.

7. Separate toys and food

Let cats and dogs know what belongs to them. Therefore, always separate toys, dishes and food containers. Prevent one from interfering with the other's space and belongings.

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