To Love Animals Is To Love Life

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The varieties of love are many; Regardless of its type, subject and object or object, love is a universal feeling and is necessary for the survival of humanity.

Love, which makes people human and humanizes them, brings peace, tranquility and happiness; In my opinion, it is the whole of emotions, thoughts and behaviors that teach sharing, stop wars, understand, give and exist together.

Eric From says in his book “The Art of Loving” that love cannot happen on its own and requires effort, effort and knowledge. He likens the person who loves to an artist. Just as an artist gives his interest, effort, love and effort to the work of art, the person who loves gives his interest, effort and knowledge to the person or object he loves. Therefore, a person creates a person, object or object by loving and exalts it with love. To love is equivalent to “giving” in this context. It is a fact that if love is a relationship based on giving and receiving unconditionally, it cannot be love.

Parents, children, homeland, self-love, tree, forest, neighbor love are examples of the types of human love. But there is a love that is also a symbol of transcendence and exaltation at the level of humanity; this love is “animal love.”

Animal love is also diverse. Loving and respecting wild animals in nature is a form of love. They already know that people don't hurt unless they hurt them. Their harm is only for self-preservation, but it is not natural for humanity to knowingly harm animals in any way…

I want to come to pets; These friends, who are generally defined as cats, dogs, birds, fish or small cattle, are necessary for us to survive in our city life, to preserve a bit of our naturalness and to live in harmony with life itself. Some take care of their homes, some work voluntarily in animal shelters, some feel the pain of animal friends living on the street in their hearts and develop a sensitivity to care for them on the street. Especially the shame of these friends to trade in "pet shops", that is, in pet stores, is already a shame on behalf of humanity, and it is another contradiction that no one says "stop" to this.

My wife goes to the animal shelter as a volunteer once or twice a week and walks, cares for and builds close friendships with the giant dogs with her other volunteer friends. The hearts here are really working with great devotion. I joined them one day in the summer and saw with my own eyes what they were doing. All of them are heroes in my eyes and they are high-hearted people that we will respect on behalf of humanity. As a handful of volunteer families, they try to fulfill their social responsibilities in the society with the slogan of "buy and own up", while trying to support the battered animals that were thrown out on the street, tortured, taken from petshops and left on the streets when they could not look after them, trying to keep them alive, in a sense, to compensate for our callousness.

If you have time, you can stop by there from time to time to support them and be a partner in their work on behalf of humanity. Believe me, even if you go with one day, you will feel very different and peaceful spiritually.

“Where did the animals come from when there were other problems?” Don't say it, give them time again and support them. Loving animals does not reduce your other love, on the contrary, it increases it. If we want the world to be more livable, we have to start somewhere…

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Topics: Pets, Dogs, Cats, Life, Love, ...