Tips for Keeping a Dog at Home

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It is useful to underline a number of important points for those who want to take care of a dog at home. Otherwise, it is inevitable that you will have an unhappy dog and an unhappy home.

Before you bring your dog home, you should prepare the right environment for him. Dogs are curious, energetic and playful animals. You should remove the items that will harm him, and hide everything that can gnaw in places where he can not reach. It can be a cable or a pair of shoes you love.

Having a bed where your dog can rest and sleep is also one of the important points. In this way, a sense of belonging will be created easily.

You should know that toilet training of dogs is not as easy as that of cats and that a more serious responsibility is required. Until you complete the education process, you can meet this need at home wherever you can, you should be prepared in advance. It may take a little longer for puppies to develop toilet habits, especially. If you have a 2-3 month old pup, you should not insist on this issue and act calmly. In addition, because a puppy's muscles are not strong, he may not be able to hold the toilet even if he wants to. In order to complete your dog's toilet training as soon as possible, you must first observe him very well. If you notice the signs he gives you when he comes to the toilet, you can handle this process more smoothly. If you reward your dog when he urinates in the right place, he will realize that he has done something right after a while and this movement will gain continuity. You should not start the game when you take your dog out to go to the toilet. If you start walking and playing with him after he goes to the toilet, you can create the perception of reward. Along with these, when your dog defecates in the wrong place, you should never, ever beat him or press his nose into stool or pee. Although these are described as well-known classical methods, they do not work, on the contrary, they cause you to harm your dog. When you do something you don't want, it will be enough to warn you with a harsh and authoritative voice.

Dogs learn through repetition. For example, if you call out with the same words such as "time to eat, time to feed" before giving her food, she will understand it after a while and act accordingly. Likewise, you can say "time for a walk" or shake the leash when going out.

Dogs, regardless of breed, need exercise. For this reason, you should spend time with them and make them move. When you take them out for the toilet, you can walk them around and play games after you're done. In the same way, if you offer areas and toys at home, you will make him happy.

The issue of bathing is one of the most important points, since dogs do not have sweat glands, so they do not get dirty due to frequent sweating. On the contrary, frequent washing will disrupt the pH balance, causing the protective oil layer on the skin to disappear and your dog to catch skin diseases such as fungus and scabies. You can easily clean your dog by brushing rather than washing it. When bathing under veterinary control, you should wet it with warm water, wash it with a special dog shampoo and rinse it thoroughly. After the washing work is finished, it will shake off all the water on it and you should be prepared.

Your dog needs protein, vitamins and minerals just like we do. For this reason, you should choose a food suitable for its age and feed it with it and not give it home food. You must have clean water and change it every day, even if it doesn't run out. You should not give food just before or immediately after walking and play activity.

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