Things to Know About Dogs

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There are some basic information to know about dogs. By knowing and accepting these, you can have a dog. You should know dogs well and share a life with them. However, it is very difficult to adapt to a dog breed that you do not know.

  • Puppies are born toothless, blind and deaf.

  • Dogs have the intelligence of a 2 and 3 year old child.

  • Dogs have 1700 senses of taste.

  • The tips of their noses are wet so that they can easily smell the chemical drops in the air.

  • A female dog can give birth to a total of 150 puppies in 7 years.

  • Dogs do not have sweat glands and they only sweat with their paws.

  • Your dog must have a leash. The collar should contain your address and your contact information.

  • you should comb their hair. Dogs love to be played with and bond.

  • Dress up your hairless dogs and small dogs

  • Dogs get cold, don't leave them without a kennel.

  • take care of your dog, protect him from fleas.

  • Take your dog to the vet and get routine checkups.

  • Don't neglect your vaccinations

  • Pay lots of attention. Thus, strengthen the bond between you.

  • Dogs can smell 1000 times more than humans. That's why there are so many police dogs.

  • The first sense a dog develops is touch.

  • Some mothers may reject their babies if babies born by cesarean section are washed and cleaned before being given to the mother.

  • Your dog's fur will enjoy frequent brushing and grooming. In this way, a strong bond will be formed between you and your dog and it will look healthy.

  • Although it varies according to the breed, do not think that dogs will not get cold because they have fur. Although they are more resistant to cold weather than us, dogs feel cold outside in cold weather.

  • Small breed dogs need clothes in cold weather.

  • Mimics and hand movements during dog training will facilitate their training process.

  • Never take off his collar and always have your contact information on his neck.

  • You should always spend time with your dog because dogs are social animals.

  • Dogs can understand that you are aggressive and angry when you smile by showing your teeth.

  • Dogs of the Dalmatian dog breed are completely white when born.

  • It has been scientifically proven that petting dogs lowers blood pressure.

  • Dogs can learn an average of 200 words.

  • Dogs have a nose that can smell 1000 times better than humans.

  • Dogs have eyesight similar to a colorblind person.

  • Dogs have been living with humans for more than 14 thousand years. 7 thousand years for cats.

  • The nose print of dogs is as unique as our fingerprint.

  • There are over 400 million dogs in the world.

  • The first guide dogs were produced in Germany for war veteran blind soldiers.

  • Long-nosed dogs live longer than flat-faced dogs.

  • The seeds in apples and pears are poisonous to dogs.

  • To own a dog, you need to know this information, take this responsibility and believe that you are a good parent. Dogs are people's oldest and most basic loyal friends. You can have a lot of fun with your dog that you are in harmony with. You can take evening walks with him, watch movies together and even talk.

With his love and attachment to you, he seeks and misses you during the time you part with him. Dogs are human friendly, love them and do no harm.

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These are a lot of things to know; I like dogs but I don't I can ever care for one.

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1 year ago

I think it will be useful to know and apply them.

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1 year ago

I have three dogs at home, of different breeds, they were all abandoned and I found them on the street. There are many things and secrets about dogs. They can be loyal even after the death of the owner. Nice to meet you!

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1 year ago

Dogs are very loyal animals. It is a creature that cries after its owner when it dies.

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1 year ago