The best pets for your child

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According to veterinary associations and organizations in different parts of the world, dogs are the most adopted animals in the world. This is followed by cats and birds. Aquarium fish, on the other hand, are owned three times more than their biggest rival, mice. Exotic animals and cage animals follow the line.

It is easier for adults to make a decision when adopting an animal, but when it comes to children, it is necessary to be a little more careful. Many children want to have a pet at some point in their first year of life. At this point, choosing the right animal at the right time determines both the happiness of the child and whether he/she will have a responsible animal in the future. Many experts say that choosing the "right pet" should be a shared decision of the family. This is where the child's will, the minimum ability to take responsibility for an animal, and the parents' time planning, energy, financial and health conditions come into play. Before adopting a pet, the safety of both the child and the animal must be considered. Children who are naturally curious and excited sometimes forget to be calm and gentle around animals. Just as humans have characters, animals also have certain characters. That's why parents need to be careful when choosing a pet for their children.

So how do we choose a pet for children? Here are suggestions for different age groups:

0 – 1 age range

In a baby's first year, it is recommended to consider this period as the period of introducing the baby to the existing pet, rather than taking a new pet into the house. Animals may need time to adapt to a new person or new conditions. If you had a pet at home before your baby was born, you may want to make an effort to make your pet behave appropriately for your baby instead of adopting a new pet in the first year.

1 – 3 years old

Children aged 1-2 still have a lot to learn about communicating with animals. If you want to welcome a new guest to your home during this period, you can choose an animal like a fish that lives in its own area and is very unlikely to harm your child. During this period, since both your child and this type of animal need a limited space of freedom, you can easily observe the behavior of both of them to each other.

3 – 4 years old

If you want to buy a new pet in your home, the best time for your child to get used to is the preschool period between the ages of 3-4. Mice can be very suitable for this period. It does not harm your child and can interact. You can also teach your child basic animal care responsibilities during this period. Feeding can be filling the water bowl.

After 5 years

As children and their attention spans increase, you can now welcome many animals into your home. During this period, you can give your child responsibilities such as keeping the animal's living area clean and enable them to interact for a longer period of time. The Professional Dog Trainers Association says that if you're getting a dog for your family, the best age for your child is 5 years old. Your child can learn to take responsibility more easily during this period just before they start school.

It is important to choose according to age ranges and to know what kind of relationship should be between your child and your pet in which age range. So, when all the conditions are right, which animal should you choose?


Every dog ​​is different. One dog may get along well with children, while another dog may not. If you are thinking of getting a dog into your home and you think that small breeds will be suitable, it would be useful to think again. Many children think that small dogs like to be held, cuddled, dressed in clothes, touched. However, your child needs to understand that it is a living animal, not a toy. On the one hand, you should consider your own circumstances. If you travel a lot and like to drive away on weekends, the dog may not be suitable for your family. Dogs are animals that need regular exercise and training and cannot be left alone. If no one is home all day, the dog may not be a very suitable choice for your family.


Cats are freedom-loving animals. One cat may be very shy, while another may like solitude more. Like dogs, cat owners also have responsibilities. Changing the cat litter regularly is one of them. Cats expect food, water and attention from you. If you occasionally go out in the evening, your cat won't mind too much. As for children, cats can bite or scratch when they don't like it. Therefore, if you are considering buying a cat for your home, you should teach your child how to approach the cat.


Mice are active and social animals. When they don't have anything to interest them, they get bored and can start wreaking havoc. If you are thinking of buying a mouse, you should have a slightly larger cage built and take care of and play with the mouse regularly. On the other hand, like cats, rats can bite and dislike being carried or picked up. You should explain this to your child and thus ensure his safety.


Turtles are very cute yet complex animals. In order for them to develop and grow, a special space must be created for them. Many conditions such as temperature, light, food must be suitable. On the other hand, because turtles are long-lived animals, your child can live until they are adults. However, you should be careful when buying turtles, if your child is under 5 years old, you should stay away. It can trigger the risk of spreading infection in children under 5 years old with a weak immune system.


Birds are intelligent and social animals. Although they spend most of their time in cages, if you can create a safe space in your home and allow them to fly during the day, you can easily feed birds at home. However, some birds, such as parrots, can be noisy. If this doesn't fit your life routine, it's worth rethinking.


Fish are generally known as the most suitable animal for children. They don't have much responsibilities other than feeding them daily and keeping their aquarium clean. If you have a very active family life and you cannot include a cat or dog in this life, fish may be a suitable choice for you and your child.

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I have parrots as pets since childhood. But when it comes to my babies I would prefer fish. They are so cute plus doesn’t require much maintenance

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Sometimes people look for a friend to worry about, at this point, pets are the best friends. They'll probably understand. It must be a different beauty to chat with parrots.

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Yes i can relate

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