How do you know if your furry friend is healthy enough?

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Pets are just like babies; They cannot express themselves by speaking. So it's up to you to find out if everything is okay. You have to observe their every move, state. Many pet owners, especially at first, become alarmed at even the slightest behavioral change of their cat or dog, wondering if there is a problem. However, by paying attention to some things, you can understand whether everything is alright with your pet.

Of course, the observations you will make at home do not mean that you should interrupt regular veterinary visits. In addition to regular veterinary check-ups, here are some tips to tell if your cat or dog is healthy.

1. A fresh breath

One of the first ways to tell if your cat or dog is healthy is the smell of your breath. If your cat or dog has bad breath or tartar on their teeth, you should go to the vet as soon as possible. Many infections that develop in the mouth can cause tooth loss and many other diseases in pets. You can eliminate such risks by regularly taking care of your pet's teeth and mouth.

2. Shiny, clean feathers

The natural oils produced by your cat or dog's body make their fur look shiny and clean. That's why you shouldn't wash your pet unnecessarily, unless it gets dirty. Bathing pets regularly is unnecessary and can cause skin irritation over time. Apart from that, if your pet's coat is not shiny and clean, then there may be a problem with the natural oils and hormones his body produces. Observing your cat or dog's fur helps you detect potential problems early on.

3. Ideal weight

Weight problems bring many diseases in animals as well as in humans. Obesity is one of the most important issues that many veterinarians warn pet owners. If you think your cat or dog is under or over weight, you should consult a veterinarian as soon as possible. If your pet is not at the ideal weight because of a health problem, then you should do portion control.

4. Ear health

Ears give a lot of clues about the health of dogs in particular. You should observe the color of the inside of your dog's collar and whether there is any liquid inside. Dogs' ears can often get dirty. That's why you should clean your dog's ears regularly. Ear health is also important in maintaining body temperature in dogs. That's why you should check your dog's ears regularly.

5. An energetic mood

Each animal has its own character. You know him best. Therefore, you can best observe the changes in mood. Every animal enjoys spending time with its owner. If your cat or dog does not spend time with you, sleeps more than usual, does not play games and does not enjoy the activities he always does, it is useful to consider these signs. You can go to a veterinarian and ask your cat or dog to go through a check-up.

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