Games that you can play together with your children and pets

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When we think of games that children and animals can play together, many of us think of games that can usually be played outside, such as catch and fetch. However, going out is not always an option. When you can't go out, you can derive indoor games that will help both your pets and children get rid of their energy, catch good memories with them, and help your child's development. You just have to make sure you know your pet well and teach your child the rules of playing with pets.

Here are the games you can play with your kids and pets:

1. Race track

Animals love hurdles, jumping tracks. When you want to buy these tracks, it can be very expensive. You can do it yourself at home using your creativity with your child. You can create your own track using finished toilet paper or cardboard rolls of paper towels, old sheets, pillows, towels, a stool, chair, coffee table or as many items at home as your creativity allows. Especially areas such as corridors are ideal for such tracks. The parkour can be a lot of fun for both your pet and your child. You can also teach your child the basics about pets during the track race.

2. The hiding game

The hide game is a game especially loved by cats and dogs. You can explain the basic rules of the game to your child and ask him to hide a toy that will interest your pet. Later, while your pet and you are waiting in a place, your child will take you to the room where he hid the item, and you can watch your pet find that item by following certain commands. This can be a lot of fun for both your child and your pet.

3. Name game

Cats and dogs have an incredible ability to understand and learn the human voice and intonation. They may not be able to talk to you, but they have the ability to remember the sounds they hear and react accordingly. For this fun game, grab some of your pet's favorite toys and ask your child to give each toy a different name. Then have your child say the name of a different toy each time your pet only brings the right toy to accept. This game is especially suitable for dogs.

4. Spin the ball

Ball games at home can be a bit risky, they can break things around. But you can make small balls from paper or wrapping paper. For this, you can use newsprint, pasta packaging, even bags. Take the small balls you have made in the middle and start to pass with your child as if you are playing football. Your cat or dog will not be able to remain indifferent to this rumbling and will definitely want to be involved in the game.

5. Rope game

Probably one of the most timeless games that can be played at home is the rope game. Take a ball of yarn in your hand and make sure that the yarn is as thick as knitting yarn if possible. Give the rope to your child and ask him to drop it in the middle of the hall. Even watching your animal struggle with the rope is enough to give pleasure to both you and your child. Don't forget to hide the rope at the end of the game.

6. Shadow play

For this, all you need to do is to discover an area in your home that casts a shadow. Go behind the shadow and create different shapes with your child using your hands and body. The smaller the shapes, the more interesting your pet will be. While you are playing shadow games, your pet will run around and get rid of their energy.

7. Bubble game

Pets love bubbles. However, the soap or dish soap used to make bubbles can harm your pet. Instead, you can drip your pet's shampoo into the water you will use to make bubbles. If you don't have a bubble maker, you can do it with a clothespin. Both your child and pet will love this game.

It is very fun to play and have a good time with your pets and children at home. However, you have to think about the future. The more our furry friends run around and jump, the more they shed. These hairs can be harmful to you and your child, as well as creating a dusty and dingy appearance in your home. So don't forget to vacuum your house after every game. By doing this with your child, you can instill a sense of responsibility. I wish you pleasant games :))

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