Are you a cat person or a dog?

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It is one of the most indispensable topics of friend conversations: Are you a cat person or a dog person? Everyone loves to have an opinion on this. So, could this be giving clues about your personality?

It is a fact that cats and dogs are completely different from each other in many ways. Owning a dog can be seen as a social experience in itself. Going for a walk with the dog, especially if it is a dog with a cute face or big ears, being the center of attention can bring many social interactions. On the other hand, considering that cats live longer, it can be said that cat owners establish a longer-term relationship. However, since cats are animals that do not accept obedience, it cannot be said that cat owners are very successful in establishing control. Instead, it may be true that cat owners are self-sufficient and do not need outside validation.

Although the little paws are all very cute, cats and dogs have very different characteristics from each other. That's why sometimes people who want to have a cat or dog can make a choice by looking at these different features, or cats and dogs can change their owners over time. So what do scientific studies say in this regard? Here are the different personality traits of cat and dog owners:

Dog owners can be more extroverted

According to the study, dog owners are 15% more extroverted and accommodating than cat owners. Of course, although it is not quite right to generalize, it can be said that dog owners are more extroverted than cat owners.

Dog owners may enjoy following routines more

He also points out that dog owners prefer to plan ahead and enjoy having a strict daily routine. Considering that dogs have a certain routine when their needs are taken into account, they may be shaping their owners in this regard.

Dog owners may have a higher sense of duty

Speaking of making plans, it is impossible not to include a sense of duty. Studies also point out that dog owners tend to have higher self-discipline and sense of duty. This may be due to the fact that dog owners live more planned than cat owners. If you own a dog, you must be regular and precise about eating, drinking and toilet times. However, if you have a cat, you can be more flexible in this regard.

Dog owners may like more energetic activities

If you have one or more dogs, we guess that it is not possible for you to spend a long time calmly at home or stay without going out. Your excited and active friends may expect you to act with them. Going out, playing games, walking are among the indispensables of both you and your dog friends, are we wrong? On the other hand, cat owners may be enjoying the heat with their cats in a warm corner of the room. As such, they don't need to be too energetic. In the study, since cat owners do not have to take their cats outside, they prefer activities that require less energy such as reading books and cooking, while dog owners remain more active; They were also found to participate in energetic activities with their dogs.

Cat owners may enjoy living alone more

Cats are animals that hunt alone at night in nature. This is why many cats, however domesticated, roam around the house at night. Like cats that love solitude more, their owners enjoy solitude and can live comfortably in an apartment. Dog owners, on the other hand, prefer to live with their families and children and generally prefer houses with gardens that they can share with the crowd; it creates a great opportunity for both these dogs. 😊

Cat owners can be more apprehensive

He points out that cat owners are more prone to anxiety and neurotic disorders than dog owners, and therefore they can act with apprehension. On the other hand, he also emphasizes that dog owners worry less. Who knows, maybe cats also go on long and lonely tours around the house because they are constantly worried about something? 😊

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