Right from Wrong

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3 years ago

We are expected to recognize the difference between right and wrong but sometimes we get it mixed up.

For example :

When you are a kid, you parent tells you not to do some certain things but because we are kind of attracted or additional to it, we find ourself doing it when our parents are not around, and later when they find out they punish us for it.

It might not be a bad thing, like going out to play with friends when your parents are out is not bad, but when we get punished for it, we take it has a wrong thing to do.

Even groen ups like us still make that kind of mistake but the act to correct ourselves shows that we know the right thing to do.

We are not perfect but we try everyday to be, everybody on earth are all learner including you and me, thats why we have to make mistakes or do bad things before we can learn from them and adjust to doing the right things.

I really appreciate you all for reading.

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