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3 years ago

Business plan can be made if only an individual have a bussiness in mind.

Business plan is not just a day job. It takes time, energy, reasoning, anf asking around.

I tried making a business plan within an hour but after thinking about the materials i would use and other costly things i need, i juat had to keep it at side and focus on my present business.

I have some few bussiness plan i would love to share.

Am thinking on building an estate, i just have 1.2million naira with me and i need more inveators from allover the world, i already got a land but it won't be enough.

I know you might be thinking its not possible or this maybe a scam but seeing and witnessing is the key to believing.

Thank God we are now in a new age were there is computer, google map, tracers app and satellite which we can use to trace people and we also have whatsapp, facebook and video call apps to prove to you that what am saying is not a lie.

If you need more details, you can contact me. Its not a must,its just a bussiness idea or proposer to people who are willing.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is peter aduroja

Am a graduate.

I live in kwara state, Nigeria. Africa

Here is my whatsapp contact +2348102227040

If you need phone number of my parent and garrantor, i will provide it.

A little secret about Nigeria that most investors know about.

We have alot of mineral resources and we have alot of people who are willing to stay in an eatate than building their own houses because of this reasons.

Security - estates provide security 24/7

Free electricity -electricity is a problem here but estate are known for stable electricity.

Nice houses and interior

Good roads

And the part you all want to know about is that "people pay millions a year to rent houses or buy houses in an estate expecially when located in a busy city.

I think with this you can see why i need inveators allover the world to join hands and let us make this business come to reality.

Nigeria currency is not that expensive for foreign country.(you can check google).

I dont want to bore you with my chat.

If interested just contact me.

Like i said it is not a must.

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3 years ago