Bitcoin Cash Perth Meetup #2

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We hosted our second Bitcoin Cash Perth Meetup on Tuesday, 4 February 2020.


The Restaurant 1903 owners are accepting Bitcoin Cash using the Bitcoin cash register app (Android || iOS). It is my understanding that they have accepted crypto previously using their personal mobile wallets.

We introduced them to HULA underwriting tool that allows merchants to accept Bitcoin Cash in their business while removing the risks associated with price volatility. Restaurant owners did not seem interested at this stage, they are happy to keep the BCH and spend it at a later date. And considering the recent price action, I am sure they made the right choice.

"Restaurant 1903 is an OG merchant in Perth terms" - @mesquka


Firstly, thanks to our sponsors, we had a much better presence at this meetup.

As per our plans mentioned in the previous article, we launched Bitcoin Cash Perth Meetup Token (BCP) during this meetup. Each attendee received 10 BCP tokens via wallet. We had a slight issue with the LEAD airdrop as the SLP Dividend Tool was not excluding the mint address of BCP token despite selecting that option. Luckily, I was sitting next to a programmer. Many thanks to @mesquka for manually creating a BCH transaction and making the airdrop possible. As a result, 5000 LEAD Tokens and 0.03524214 BCH were airdropped to the token holders on the night. All BCH and LEAD tokens were raised through our previous article.

BCH flag sponsored by @SatoshiAngels || Merchandise sponsored by @BitcoinCom || BCP token powered by Simple Ledger Protocol

I am also glad to report that everyone paid for their meal and drinks in Bitcoin Cash. This is really important for our meetup as our main focus is to encourage and enable people to experience Bitcoin Cash, what better way to do it than actually using it. Leave us a comment if you have other ideas for us.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT - Blockchain 101 masterclass

Blockchain demo via

We were fortunate enough to have not one but two people with sound knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. And before we knew it, Blockchain 101 masterclass was on. Everyone who attended our meetup got a live demo of how blockchain works, courtesy of Ben and @mesquka. You can check it out by visiting

In the end, we were pleased to hear comments such as:

"I haven't been this excited about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for a long time",

"I have learned something interesting tonight",

"I look forward to seeing you guys next time"


Our next meetup is booked for Tue 3 March 2020 at Norfolk Hotel in Fremantle. The focus of our meetups is to create awareness and help people learn:

  • how to download and use a wallet

  • how to buy Bitcoin Cash

  • concept of spending and replacing - really important for the BCH economy

  • how Bitcoin Cash works

  • the history of Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash, and much more!

The entrance of our venue for next Bitcoin Cash Perth Meetup


Please consider donating SLP tokens to the below address. 100% of the tokens and BCH raised from this article will be airdropped to Bitcoin Cash Perth Meetup Token (BCP) holders.

SPICE/LEAD/HONK: simpleledger:qrvg8smar79aqz3k6rnv2vj23qu9eq9t0spk5gfehz

Cash Account: PerthBCHmeetup#57019

Please leave us a comment if you have any ideas on how we can promote our meetup and make it more attractive for people to attend.

Closing Quote:

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” - Arthur Ashe

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