Will you still have your job by 2040

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You will all agree with me that technology has taken over almost everything in the world today. Now the question comes to you and me, "Are we going to have the chance to do the job we are doing now by 2040?"

I was browsing on the internet this morning and something dropped in my mind, so I decided to look it up on Google. "What jobs will become obsolete by 2040?" I discovered that a lot of jobs today will become so useless few years from now.

There's this thing network marketers love saying, that few years from now robots are going to take over most of the jobs we have to. Yeah, it is so correct, cos most people will loose their jobs to robots. Some jobs in the banks, oil companies, and other firms where the advent of technology is getting strong by the day. But the belief of robots taking over will have a limit as some jobs can't be done by them no matter what. This is where the job market comes into play. The job market has been in existence already, it is a place where services are rendered, and money is gotten in exchange for the services. Even in 2040, the laws of supply and demand can never be taken away.

While browsing more on this topic, I stumbled on a post on quora how a very popular food outlet McDonald's to be precise now have fewer people working there. Large touchscreens has been installed in their different outlets, their food menu and other stuffs are being displayed on it. No physical person to take orders, just a few selection on the screen, pay with you lr credit card on the POS machine, and that's all. If this is done in almost all the restaurant outlets, hundreds of people will loose their jobs.

At present, there are so many jobs that have gone extinct and more are going to disappear before 2040. Looking at the banking sector, there are good apps on the apple and google play store which helps people perform online banking. People no longer see the need to go to the banks and wait in a long queue just to do few transaction which would have been with the banking apps in the comfort of their homes. Now the picture is getting more clearer, people who were employed as cashiers will risked been sacked. And the possibility of having such vacancies by 2040 is so tiny.

Travel agents will lose their jobs by 2040. Online booking sites are already taking over that sector. My advice to all the video editors, graphics designers out there. You have to get more creative with your skills because there are applications and softwares that can do the job more better than you. The competition will be high by 2040, but when humans gets more creative, this softwares and applications will find it very hard to compete.

Very few jobs which I know will still be in existence by 2040 and will be needed to be supervised by human are job of law enforcement, doctors, massage therapist, drivers, teachers, counsellors, caregivers, chefs, fiction writers, poets, farmers etc. All of this jobs I have mentioned can never be replaced by robots.

We should clear our minds of this belief that robots will replace humans in every sector by 2040 or thereabout. No doubt, some jobs will be taken over by robots, but in the same time new job will created, and this jobs will equally need humans to do them. But get this fact, if you are doing a kind of job now that lacks creativity in it, then be ready to become jobless by 2040. But if the job you are doing has more room for creativity, be rest assured that you will still be relevant by 2040. Just get bett6at what you are doing, search for jobs that will be around by that time and train yourself to be best at every skill you will need.

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