Just a simple and true fact: Bitcoin Cash is the future

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Bitcoin Cash as we all know is a decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash system that is not controlled by any central authority. It works just like our normal traditional currency. Today BCH has really attracted the attention of investors, merchants, and businesses around the world.

People won't just start using any crypto out there just because it is been hyped, but Bitcoin Cash possesses lots of great qualities which has attracted many to since it was created: it provides security, efficiency, privacy, fast transaction, no third-party involved, and its autonomous nature.

Because of the overwhelming traits Bitcoin Cash possesses, it has become a success in a short while so many people didn't see it coming. Other cryptos out there have attempted to attract more people to it side, but Bitcoin Cash has done this without struggling. This amazing currency has something that arouses excitement.

The Truth

Bitcoin Cash for now may not be able to completely push traditional currencies out of sight. We all know that the the fiat we are using are controlled by the government and it is used everywhere in the world. But know this, where there is high rate of inflation in the world, this would be a great chance for Bitcoin Cash to thrive there.

Already, Bitcoin Cash is as old as methuselah in the ears of everyone of us here, it is not a new thing to us as we have had the opportunity to do some transaction with it, either buying, or sending to a friend, holding it in a safe wallet for some gains. I would add that as you are accumulating this great coin invest some of it because Bitcoin Cash is here to stay.

A lot of persons have argued about the future of Bitcoin Cash, they would say it is a useless coin that would never go far, it is liable to collapse. But NO!! People who have seen the future of this great crypto won't say such because the advantages of what they so believe in outwieghs the negative talks from the people what don't believe in it.

I only have this confidence that Bitcoin Cash is the future because as far as the economic system of the world is still very much around, BCH has all it takes to dominate traditional currencies on a higher side.

This reasons keeps my confidence alive

Bitcoin Cash can be possibly seen as the future because of this reasons:

Bitcoin Cash is borderless - Unlike the traditonal fiats that have limitations, BCH can be used across the world without any limitations. No delay, it is instant and requires no international fees with a cost-effective transaction to anywhere in the world. Just the internet and a working smartphone, you are good to go.

Mobile payment - Bitcoin Cash is much more a safe digital cash option and it is absolutely the right choice for mobile payment due to their decentralized nature.

Private data - Loan apps, banks, have a tradition of keeping in their possession the private datas of their customers. They can never guarantee that those datas will be sad. Bitcoin Cash doesn't operate this way, it brings down the requirement for any transaction to just numbers and letters to confirm a transaction between two entities. Tell me why people will not choose Bitcoin Cash to be a global currency.

Bitcoin Cash has advantage over fiat curreny......

Our governments, since they have the power, they can choose to print more notes whenever they feel like with the intention of stealing from it citizens. And in the process of printing too many notes, it loses its value over time.

As long as we allow the government to keep on behaving this way, we will keep on having problems that will never be solved.

Slowing down the rate of fraud - Online fraud has been increasing lately because of the improvement in technology and this is sending a very serious and dangerous threats to investors, and businesses. Bitcoin Cash has the capability of tracking the true identity of a product with the help of a powerful blockchain technology.

And lastly for now...

Low fees - Sending fiat currency to a family staying in another country will demand a lot of fees from you. But its isn't so with Bitcoin Cash as it enables affordable transaction process of any amount to anybody, anywhere, at anytime not minding the location.

Final Thoughts

With all of this attributes, Bitcoin Cash has a higher chance of being adopted by many as the currency of the future. A lot of other crypto have come and gone, but our BCH is still around and doing good. Lets make it achieve it main purpose to which it was created.

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Thank you for reading!!!

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