I Hope You Dance

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2 years ago

And what i was always thinking was so hard for a very long time now, was a very simple thing to which if seriousness is put to doing it, you are good to go. Stared at my smartphone for few secs, unlocked it with my pattern and headed straight to my music folder. Selected the right song for that moment and hit the play button, slowly slowly i allowed my body to move to the rhythm of the music at its freewill.

At some point i noticed the funny moves i was making and it got me laughing, not needing any negative response of anybody. Now i am on my feet, i just kept on dancing and laughing at the same time until i got to realize that dancing was exactly what i needed.

Having a great moment like this to dance taught me the precedence of gorgeously and just myself. I learned to laugh at myself through dancing, this is something i never wanted to do in my whole life. If you need all the freedom you could ever imagine to get, just leave how to laugh at yourself. I got the freedom yeah!! Dancing gave me the opportunity to grow my morale more, raised my egotism and made me feel so relax and safe in my own skin.

Pejudear would never value the time she spents on her own, why because i did not admit myself that much then, but dancing made me to value every moment i spent alone, gave me a mental picture of what it will feel like to have pleasant moments by myself. This was taking me somewhere great and better, and i knew it from the start. Dancing has been my greatest teacher so far, it has supplied me with lots of joy, hope, happiness, and has given me a chance to love myself the more no matter what i do.

This is a screenshot of a song by Lee Ann Womack and Sons of the Desert "I Hope You Dance", written by Sanders Mark Daniel / Sillers Tia M. So much fell in love with the song, in the hopes that i would never loose my sense of wonder, i would learn to accept every tough challenge and dance rather than hid myself and loose sight on good opportunity that comes my way. Dancing means everything to me, or if i had my way i would say it means more than life to me, but NO!! God means more than life to me.

Every good music that plays, i appreciate it with my funny dance moves. I made up my mind that i was never going to allow anybody know the real me, or stop me from becoming the person i am or would ever be. Dancing has so much affected every part of my life, the feeling of this is so unexplainable. Now i am so satisfied with the kind of person i have grown into, because of this, i have been able to grow and push myself beyond everything that seem to limit me.

Dancing broke me into pieces and molded me into a new person, i saw myself from a different angle, i began to feel more dazzling in my own skin and also in my personality. Whenever i was feeling down, maybe i have been dissapionted, stressed, or even angry, i will let it bother me so much because i have a cure for it. Just playing some good music with my funny dance moves will send relief to me.

It is quite understandable that not everyone reading this will relate to what has really helped me throughout the past years, but you can always do it in your on convinient way. Whatever has the ability to make you express your emotions in a rightful and healthy way, that makes you feel relaxed and safe, just go ahead and do it.

As you dance today, just give yourself the chance to see how wonderful you are, allow yourself to be confident enough to feel and see the beauty in you. Don't ever let anyone take away your joy. Make sure to surround yourself with the right set of people that will push you up and love the kind of person that you are, a dancing one in that case. Haha!! Not everybody you meet were suppose to be part of your life.

You will find this funny....... Don't be so comfortable to stay aroud people who don't dance, always moody, this kind of people who will never smile back at you. Personally, i ended every relationship with people who made me felt unworthy often and surrounded myself with people who truly love me for who i am.

Friends, the next time you feel depressed and uncomfortable or maybe someone just sent you a gift and you are so filled with joy, play some good music and make yourself dance to the tune of the guitar, or whatsoever joyfully. Don't ever leave depression, or even anger barrier you from dancing, make sure to dance with all of your heart and have a free space to laugh at yourself. You will love yourself the more and accept who you truly are if you give dancing the opportunity to make you laugh at yourself.

Although dancing didn't fix all my difficult moments, but it really went a long way to help me love the person typing this now the more. I so much desire that you take a step and dance after reading this article.

But love yourself more cos it will make dancing look so good on you!!

Thank you for reading!!

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2 years ago