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Don't be led to doom by simulating characters of man

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3 months ago
Topics: Humans, Friendship, Poem


Greetings great people, how is everyone doing. I know, perfectly fine. I have been so busy recently that i don't give much attention to the platform, so sorry that i have not read your articles. I promise to visit all of them when i finally settle down soon, i know it will be too much on me but it is a promise i must keep. My cousin is the brain behind this article, since i had no idea of what to write, i asked for her help to come up with something for me. And here it is, she's still learning how to write. My own little way of trying to make her get better at writing. Enjoy every moment you spend on this article, and thank you for coming around.

A baby need never be concerned about what he is going to wear today or what he will eat for lunch. If he doesn't wear anything he is perfectly happy, and no one will disapprove.

If he doesn't like his food he can spit, or bubble it out, no matter who is watching, or he can scornfully refuse to eat at all. He can let out, at the end of the meal, a loud belch and he commended for what two years later will consider most impolite.

Soon they were as a whole will criticize the way his hair grows, although now his admirers are charmed because it grows at all. They will criticize the way he eats, although now all are happy if he gets it down somehow.

If he happens to be handsome, good, rich, or successful, some people will envy him, and if it turns out to be very, bad-tempered, poor, or failure, the other part of the world will scold him. But now, probably for the last time, in his life, he is made festive by poets, chucked under the chin by old ladies, cooed at by scrooges, and adored by all.

Dear friends, the world is very difficult to abide with, so people will appear to admire you especially when you are appear to be and establishing your mind, but you don't really realise that they are planning evil against you. Their lives are full of envy, hatred, malicious ideas and all other erratic manners against you, they are just acting to eliminate you and leave the space extremely vacant.

You should try to understand a stimulating character when there are teying to exceed you, so be very curious, very cautious and tricky in order to fulfill your future talents allotted to you by your creator.

Limit the way of living you are taking up, stop indulging yourself in any irrelevant acts for it makes immediate doom for young people of nowadays, honour your elders and give respect to whom is dude. Life is crucial!!!!


Poem Of Friendship

Friendship is a precious thing,

Too precious to destroy,

A hastly word can spoil it all,

And Crush life's greatest day.

To have a friend is to be blessed,

Life can never be grey,

If you have a friend to take your arm,

And help you on the way.

A friend will share your failures,

And will share your triumphs too,

There is no thought of jealousy,

In friendship this is true.

So if you're quarreling with your friend,

Take your pen today,

And write a little friendly note,

You will know just what to say.

Do not hug your foolish pride,

Sometimes it's wickedness to be strong,

It doesn't really matter who was

right or who was wrong.

Love is what really matters in the end,

So make this day happy day,

Till ages show white hairs on thee,

And make up with your friends.

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Written by   53
3 months ago
Topics: Humans, Friendship, Poem
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Literally, Mam you're peom is so energetic and warm-hearted. If everyone thinks so, how much it will be beneficial to all of us.

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3 months ago

All thanks to my cousin.

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3 months ago