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28th November, 2021, Helen a friend of mine had this curious sensation that on the 11th January, she will be celebrating another year of success in her career. It was her choice to celebrate on this day because it was a day she became more stronger as a woman, a day she began the journey of life that has been so flabbergasting, giving her lessons and experiences she has even seen.

As others where celebrating the just finished christmas, she was so focused on making better plans for yesterday, making sure that everything will turn out perfect.

The Day Finally Came, January 11th

Happening at a well decorated 150 capacity hall. "She really planned for this day, i exclaimed"

Everywhere was lighted with colorful lighting, the air smelled good. Oh wow!! Helen has good friends. Most of the things from the decoration, food, music, etc, where done by her friends. And i am not left out, i also contributed to the success of yesterdays outing.

↪Fast forward to the main reason why we are sitted in that hall..........↩

Helen took over the stage from the MC.

Welcomed everyone that was invited, made a few jokes, and everybody laughed out loud.

Clears her throat.. And made a request for the dj to play I Won't Give Up - By Jason Mraz, softly in the background.

She bagan her speech by telling us how far she has really come in life the past years. With a soft charming smile on her face, she began to spell out every of her achievements, she never thought or believed that she will ever get the point of satisfaction, happiness, fulfillment, and self-assuredness, she has been experiencing.

The past years of her life has been so ugly, filled with anguish, lessons to learn from, and moments to grow. So many times in my lonely moments, i make a flashback on where i was one year ago, and where i am now.

I never believed that i will ever have the boldness and strength to fight my fears, but i eventually did. Most of my friends sitted in this room, including my naughty self doubted that i would succeed and not go back to how i use to be. For so many years, i had visualized the kind of better life i wanted for myself, but i never worked on making it a reality, because i was always afraid of making the right decisions that would have made me feel how i am feeling now. The kind of stress i would go through just to make those good dreams of mine a reality put me in a fearful mood always.

But in all of this, i am so happy that i made up my mind to deal with my fears. I am the happiest person on planet earth because for the very first time, i have come to realize how satisfied i have been of who i have changed into, and how hard i have fought to become her.

After a so many days of frustration, pains, hardwork etc, now came growth. All of this is the reason why i am celebrating today. I see it as an obligation to always set out time to celebrate our victories and achievements in life, no matter how small they may appear to be.

Today being the 11th day of January, 2022, i want to celebrate me for not only fighting fear and not surrendering, but for being strong enough to find the passion and assurance of myself to learn from the experiences i have had the past years.

Setting out a special day to congratulate and celebrate yourself on the successes you have had, and how far you have grown gives you the chance to realize that you still need to press on. I stand here today to encourage you all from the depth of my heart, that you should reflect back on those lonely days when you thought you would never achieve your dreams, and see where you are today and celebrate yourself for everything you have achieved. It's okay, you might have not gotten to the expected point in your life, but you are not where you were yesterday, you are steps ahead in achieving those set goals. This is success worth celebrating.

Giving myself kisses for a "Successful me, and a Successful one year", i celebrate me because everything looked impossible, but i created a mind of possibilities. I took myself to moon when i had enough space to grow in a kind o manner i never saw happening.

Most of us here are really trying your best to molding yourself into a better version of you. Mistakes will set in, and frustration, but only if you are so committed in celebrating those small victories, you will continue to move into the space of success.

Without doubt or questioning, i know there have been days in your journey through life when you felt like giving up, but you find yourself still on the path of fighting to succeed, you keep pressing on. Celebrate those little wins friends and be proud of who you are today. You are more stronger than who you were few months ago just because you kept on pushing yourself to aimed to be a better version of you.

Be happy about everything you have achieved so far, and keep on fighting to achieve the very thing you always wanted. With hardwork, patience, dedication, and self-love, everything that seemed impossible turns possible.

I will submit by charging us to take out some free time and look back on how far you have come, pen them down and tell yourself how happy you are for the success so far.

Thank You....

Everyone applauded her for her speech....

And the fun contined until 4pm....... "What a day well spent, i exclaimed again".

Thank you for reading!!

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