The Most Beautiful Short Romantic Love words 2021

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Love is a two-letter word, but it means and includes many words of love and warmth that enter the heart and make it full of happiness, so many people look for short romantic love words to express their feelings for their loved ones.

The words of love describe many feelings that a person cannot reveal, so they are considered the linking movement in order to express everything he feels.

The most beautiful short romantic words

Many lovers would like a lot of short romantic love words to express with their loved ones. know a large collection of words of love and romance:

  • I dedicate to you every flower I picked from the gardens of this world because you are the dearest person in my life.

  • You are the pulse of my arteries in which I live, and in my eyes I see all things beautiful with you , you are my beloved and everything I have.

  • If the rose is beautiful, then you are more beautiful to me, and if it is high, then you are more precious and superior to me.

  • My love for you cannot be described by words, letters kill the love that is inside me for you.

  • Do not let my heart live alone , if the eye cannot see you, then you do not leave my heart, mind and soul. We have gathered wonderful memories that I will never forget.

  • My life is over twice, once before I met you, and the second when I lost you.

Words of love and adoration

When you are in love, it makes you feel the magic of love, which forces you to say short romantic words of love to your sweetheart to make her feel what you feel, and there are examples of this, including:

  • No matter how long I live, no matter how many days I break, no matter how much love hurts me, and life tortures me, I know that I will remain wandering in your love and will not change or diminish my heart.

  • I am writing to you words of love from the blood of my heart, whose vein has burst from my intense love for you.

  • You are my addiction for which there is no cure and I do not want to get rid of it.

  • I became indifferent and do not want anything from life after I loved you, you are my share of the world.

  • When I loved you, I could see everything around me you.

Short romantic love letters

There are many words of love that are not romantic as much as felt by the person who loves or does not describe his feelings, but here you will find short romantic love words, including:

  • I love you not because you are my lover, but because you are my other half.

  • Do you know why I love you ?, because you made my life meaningful when I became into it.

  • I thought that love was nothing but torture and sadness, so I was afraid of it, but after I loved you, I wished God to make all the torment of the lovers with me, but you will always be with me.

  • I learned after I loved you that the word I love you does not fulfill my feelings and my love for you.

  • Love with you is my happiness, my passion, and my feelings that I almost feel like I never owned them.

  • You will always be my greatest wish, no matter how much I wish.

  • I feel that God created a miracle in my heart so that I might love you that eternal love.

  • I don't remember what the world is like when I'm in your warm embrace.

  • My heart seized me and loved you, until I no longer wanted anything from life without you, because your love made me possess the whole world.

  • If the stars talk, I have sent you with every star that I adore you and want to see you in every moment.

  • Your love made my heart warm with feelings, longing and longing, for it is the melody that defines the strings of my heart

Strong and touching words of love

  • I love your love has no limits. If that love turned into water, the whole world would drown.

  • With you, you only do not make myself beautiful and do not pretend to love you as you are and make me as I am

  • I keep you in my heart, you are my most valuable asset.

  • I love you more than my soul, for you are the beating of my heart that beats with you.

  • How I wish my heart was greater than that to love you as it should be.

  • My heart does not seek someone else to love him.

  • If your love is wrong, then I don't want right.

  • I did not believe in the magic of the eyes until your eyes charmed me with love.

  • When I told you that I love you, it means that I am living and dying for you.

  • I knew that I was in love with you when I loved all that people hated about you.

  • I miss your eyes even while you are in front of me.

Short romantic love words

  • Love is a restriction that the old wants before the little one, so he feels that the person lives and lives, and his heart makes him young again.

  • You are a gift from heaven, as God made flowers a gift of spring and rain a gift of winter.

  • I send you with my heart my love, my passion, and my peace to you.

  • Love cannot eliminate my past, but it can alter the future.

  • I am proud that you are in my life and that I love you, just as the sky is proud of the sun and the moon.

  • Every star in the sky will testify to us that I do not want anyone else in my life.

  • I felt that I loved you when your soul crept into my soul, and I swore that I would never love anyone but you.

  • The eyes have a language that can only be understood by one who loves words even in silence.

  • Your love leaked into my arteries like blood, for it possessed and touched all of my parts and made him desire life and happy.

  • Beautiful when you love, but most wonderful when the one you love loves you.

  • If I could give you my eyes, I would give it to you, and if I could give you my heart, then I took it off and gave it to you, and if I had my life then I gave it to you, my life.

  • People differ, some of them are gold, some are silver, and the other are copper, but in my eyes you are only the most expensive diamond.

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