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4 months ago

When we are in quarantine and trying to occupy the time spent at home everything is a reason to share on social networks.

Today I already took care of the garden, repaired a sewing machine motor, made two trades of cryptos, did a mini walk near the house.

But at the end of the afternoon I usually sit at the gate watching my kittens playing in front of the house and that's when I noticed my black girl sitting with an eye on a TARANTULA that went down the wall of the Church that is in front of the house.

I called the family and we all photographed the huge spider also known as carangujeira.

This species, despite injecting venom with its bite, does not become dangerous for humans despite being quite painful. Another characteristic is its defense through the release of the hairs that are on its legs and cause a stinging reaction.

All photos by author taken with a smartphone Samsung On7.

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