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Security breach

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4 months ago

Cybersecurity firm ThreatFabric has identified a new Trojan virus titled "Cerberus" that is targeting top cryptocurrency exchanges.

The virus is capable of stealing 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) codes and screen-lock PIN passwords.

My smartphone last week was infected by a virus possible this one. I use Binance. apk and Coinbase too.

According to the security report published earlier this week, ThreatFabric says the “Cerberus” Trojan virus is turning its attention towards cryptocurrency exchanges, including popular platforms such as Binance and Coinbase. The virus is capable of stealing 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) codes generated via the Google Authenticator app, which has become a primary means of user security for many email and exchange accounts.

I turned off my smartphone and did a factory reset. Next step change all passwords and PIN.

Now I use careful my mobile and you?


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Well, that's a scary trojan. These things get smarter every day.

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4 months ago

Yes and 2FA was a safe resource.

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4 months ago