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4 months ago

Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of some species of fungi, that is, they are the structures responsible for the dispersion of their spores (non-sexual reproductive cells).

Most of the body of these fungi is in the form of a misshapen mass of hyphae (sets of filamentous cells), called mycelium, their vegetative structure, which spreads through soil or tree trunks. In some cases these fungi can reach 880 hectares (case of a fungus of the species Armillaria solidipes found in a forest in Oregon, USA), while the mushrooms themselves do not reach more than a few tens of centimeters, and can form and wilt in less than a day.

Fungi are not consumed as food very often in Brazil.

Mushrooms are wood decomposers, some grow on organic matter in general. Some are poisonous.

All photos by @pataty69 under Creative Commons CC0 license.

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