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Macro Photography

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5 months ago

This is my first experience of reconciling macro photography with an LG K350 smartphone.

Due to technical limitations that I hope to be able to correct after having researched the subject on the internet, in case of attaching a lens to the cell phone camera, the result achieved was satisfactory.

The search for themes for photos and the art of execution is being improved with the practice and observation of identical works.

A quiet spot was chosen in the living room of Hotel Bouganville in Praia das Fontes in Beberibe.

Elements of the decoration piqued my interest and I started this adventure in the world of photography.

Two dishes with elements of still life were the basis, in one of them two handicrafts were explored and in the other the imagination flowed.

I hope you enjoyed.

All photos by @pataty69 under Creative Commons CC0 license.

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Written by   13
5 months ago
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