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Commencement of my journey and my future plans on this platforms

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11 months ago

Hey greetings to y'all fellow readers,writers and learners. It's me Rajiv, a 19 y.o. young student who loves learning new things and what else can be better than reading/writing if one wants to learn things, right? So on the way of learning and exploring things, I came to know about and it seems like a perfect deal to me.

Read, Learn, Write, Share and Earn too. An overall growth, a perfect platform.

This is my first post in and thereby a new beginning. I made an account earlier with fake details as I wanted to check whether it's legit. After that I started reading the posts made by the writers and woah it's a whole pool of wide ranged knowledge. Meanwhile I also went through reviews and did some research and finally here I am, I decided to sign up on, this time not with fake details, I used my legit email.

So I will keep defo keep learning new things on this platform and I also plan to utilize this to increase my writing abilities. As a passionate learner I spend a considerabe time in libraries, read a lot of books, ebooks and do research on varieties of things online.

Among all the interesting things I like to explore, I consider science, technology, sports, business, literature, philosophy, spirituality, sports and humor as my fav ones. So I will be writing about these miscellaneous things. I ponder a lot and wonder about a lot of things, now I guess this is the best opportunity to try and utilize that by writing things I think about in this platform. Meanwhile I am sure I will be learning a lot through your daily posts and comments.

Also to mention your tips and rewards will be contributing to my studies. Finally I'd like to say that all sorts of suggestions, feedbacks and comments are welcome. Cheers fellas, Keep Learning, Keep Growing.

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Welcome. I wish you good luck.

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11 months ago

Hey thank you so much for this encouragement, I wish you all the best too.

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11 months ago

Hey welcome to the platform I hope you will have a good time here..

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11 months ago

Hey thank you so much. I wish you all the best too.

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11 months ago