Look out! a new month is coming!

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Hey, it's the beginning of a new month! I hope that you had a great August and are ready for September. Now let's talk about how to make the most out of your time this month with these ideas:

Month of safety

The new month is here, and with it comes the chance to move your life forward. What will you do?

As the new month dawns, we're all looking for ways to make ourselves feel better and get things done. The month of safety is full of opportunities to do just that! So let's get started!

Month of smart living

Focus on improving yourself by trying new things and learning something new every day. Try a different class or workshop at least once each week. Take an online course or enroll in a program at your local community center. Start writing that book you've been thinking about for years—you'll be surprised how much easier it gets when you commit yourself to editing every morning. Do something out of character just for fun (go on vacation somewhere you've never been before!) It could even be as simple as taking the stairs instead of riding an escalator or bus for one week straight! The point is having fun with this challenge and seeing how far you can go!

Month of health

Eat healthy food whenever possible—eat more plants and less meat; drink more water (and less soda); exercise regularly (even if it's only walking around the block). This is particularly important because we're coming off winter where many people tend not only eat more junk foods than usual but skip exercising altogether due to cold weather conditions.* Month of education: download podcasts from NPR or TED Talks Radio onto your phone; watch documentaries online; listen attentively when people talk so that they feel heard even if their points aren't always right.

Month of learning

This month is the perfect time to learn more about your friends and family. Learning is a lifelong process, so make sure you find ways to keep yourself learning new things in every stage of life! Learning can be fun and educational for everyone, no matter what their age or background may be.

There are many different ways to learn this month:

Read books by authors from different countries or from different time periods

Take online classes on subjects related to your interests (like art history or graphic design)

Attend seminars on topics you’re interested in (like cooking classes)

Month of investing

Investing is a great way to grow your money. You can do it by yourself, with help from a broker or financial institution, or with the guidance of a professional advisor (such as an accountant).

Investing is not gambling. The goal of investing is to have more money than you did before you started playing—not to lose what you start with.

Investing is not a get rich quick scheme. Investing takes patience and discipline; it's much easier to blow your savings on frivolous purchases than it is to wait until your investments are mature enough that they'll pay off big time!

Investing is a long-term game; don't expect overnight success unless you're willing to put all your eggs in one basket (which would be risky).

Happy journey!

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