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Which fruits and vegetables should be eaten to get a healthy and beautiful face?

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5 months ago

First of all I would advise you to make healthy changes in your diet for beauty as a good diet makes you beautiful both inside and out.

Then comes the exercise, which we do not even do. I believe that as much as we pay attention to our diet, we should also pay attention to our exercise.

And the biggest thing is to be happy, if you are eating well and not happy then your healthy diet is of no use.

According to me, we should eat everything, yet I am telling you the names of some fruits and vegetables.

1. Papaya –

It contains an enzyme called papain, which helps in removing dead skin cells.

It moisturizes dry skin and makes it soft.

2. Banana –

It is an excellent source of potassium and vitamin-C, B6.

It makes both hair and skin soft.

3. Orange –

Its juice or peel both are beneficial.

It is rich in magnesium, calcium, vitamins A and B, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients as well as anti-oxidants.

Its consumption also curbs the effects of aging.

It is able to eliminate the pimples and blemishes of the face from the root.

4. Apple –

It hydrates the skin internally and brings a glow to the face.

The pectin found in it is considered helpful for sensitive skin.

The anti-oxidants present in it reduce the effects of aging. Apple is called 'skin toner'.

The free radicals found in it prevent premature wrinkles.

That's why it is said to eat an apple daily and stay away from the doctor.

5. Strawberry –

It reduces the extra fat of the body.

Strawberries are also used for beauty in the world.

Due to the presence of biotin, it keeps the hair healthy and the skin young.

6. Mango –

Mango is very helpful for maintaining beauty.

Its consumption brings fairness to the skin along with health benefits,

It prevents wrinkles and aging, hence it is considered an anti-aging fruit.

Peas, green vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, Loki, all kinds of pulses, dry fruits, everything should be eaten.

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Written by   2
5 months ago
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Nice contain for improving our health 👍👍👍

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