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What are the benefits of eating corn, and in which disease does it act as a medicinal property?

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5 months ago

You will all be familiar with raw maize or corn, which we generally know as Khariv crop, usually when the rainy season comes, we enjoy eating it with our friends and family.

It is known that by eating raw corn or corn, there are benefits and in which diseases it works like a Rambagh.

Raw maize is considered one of the important nutritious foods of the body, which also works as an important medicine to eliminate many diseases of our body from the root, it is beneficial in many diseases like it stimulates the muscles of our heart. Increases blood pressure, removes urine related disorders. Along with this, it also keeps our digestion healthy.

1.Maize or Mutta is an effective medicine in getting relief from Diphtheria.

2.Beneficial in seasonal cough

If you have frequent cough due to weather changes, then eating roasted raw corn can get rid of seasonal cough.

3.Maize beneficial in piles

4.effective in liver disease

If you consume maize regularly in this way, then it eliminates liver disease from the root, just like grinding the stigma of maize and consume it regularly.

5.Effective in reducing inflammation of the bladder

If there is swelling in the bladder due to any disease or due to any other reason, then applying a paste made of maize seeds and silk stigmas of maize is useful in inflammation.

6.Maize helps in expelling kidney stones

At present, due to the increasing contaminated water and food, the risk of stones is increasing for everyone, if making churn of maize (65 gm) and consumed with a glass of water every day, it works as a beneficial medicine in stones

7.Beneficial in reducing bleeding

If there is excessive bleeding, then applying paste or sawdust made from dried stigma of maize on the bleeding place, it gets rid of bleeding.

8.Beneficial in physical weakness or debility

If you have physical weakness due to any reason, then regular consumption of maize eliminates it and tells the body to be energetic and clean.

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Written by ย ย 2
5 months ago
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