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List of sites and apps using which you can earn money

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5 months ago

Hello friends, hope you are all doing well during this pandemic.

Today most of us have lost our jobs or have been fired during this pandemic.

And there are some people who do not like to go out and work.

And today all of us, whether it is internet or YouTube, are engaged in searching for such sites and apps on which we can earn some money by doing some work or giving time.

Today, because of your wish, a small effort from my side.

Let us know which are the apps and sites from which we can earn


I hope most of you know about this site, still I want to tell you something about how we can earn money on this site.

To earn money from this site, first of all you have to create your account on this site.
After this you will get bitcoin with the same Gmail id.  com to make your wallet.
Once you become a wallet, copy the BCH address from your wallet and paste it on the noise cash wallet.
Now you can earn money in the form of BCH from this platform by sharing your post on this platform and giving likes, comments and tips to other people's posts.

2. My Referal Code is: BR9CU5

This is an app that pays in ETH, to earn money from it, it has to be installed first.

Next to us that Gmai. Create account with id which is registered with coin base why this platform uses coin base wallet to make payment

On this platform, we have to see advertisements from which we get points and for points we have to click on the spin button. We can convert the points received from them to ETH by going to the three lines on the top left corner and clicking on the claim.

Note: It provides facility of withdrawal every three days

3. My Referal Code is: A6D8LM

This app pays in BTC.

To earn money from this platform, first of all it has to be installed.

After that, an account has to be created in it with the same email id in which coinbase account is created.

In this also you can collect points and take payment in BTC.


To earn money from this platform, first of all you have to create your account on this site, after that you have to create your channel.

After creating the channel you have to verify your wallet

You can earn well by sharing posts on this platform. In this your earning depends on how much you like people.

With this platform you can take your earnings in Eth and Dollar.


This platform lets you pay in the form of XRP

You can earn a good amount by sharing any type of posts on this platform.

Your earning on this depends on the views and revenue of your posts.


How to earn on this platform

Share posts, like and engagement time on this platform earn lot of money 💸

minimum payout = first payment 25 dollar


We can also call this platform another alternative to YouTube.

On this platform we can earn a good income by watching videos and sharing our videos.

Payment forme = LBRY


This is a good social platform in which we are given money by sharing posts and on the basis of time spend.

Minimum payout = 100 dollar


This is the best way to earn crypto

Bch phousant is given every 5 minutes on this platform

On this platform we can earn crypto in many ways like

:- every 5 minutes 150 BCH faucet direct your wallet

:- daily tasks etc.


This is a music platform on which we can earn a good amount by listening to music.

In this, instead of listening to music, we are given points, which we can convert into money.

That's all for now, friends. This is a small effort from my side for those people who want to earn online.

If you liked my post and you want similar posts in the future, please support me. A little support from you people keeps us energetic for the next post.

I'll repeat the same thing again before I leave

Keep laughing, keep smiling because being happy solves half of life's problems🌝😆🌝

thanks for reading my article

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