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By sleeping like this you will be able to get a sound sound sleep

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5 months ago

Sleep is very important for good health. If you want to get good and deep sleep then you have to do some things before sleeping at night which are as follows:-

1. Take a bath before sleeping at night, if it is winter season, then after washing hands, feet and face thoroughly with lukewarm water and cleaning it, one should go to bed. This leads to good and deep sleep.

2. If you are not able to sleep due to any stress, then listen to your favorite music or read good literature.

3. One should sleep after 2 hours of having a meal. Due to this, food and drink are digested and deep sleep also comes.

4. Before sleeping at night, forget the events of the day and separate it from yourself.

5. Before sleeping at night, brush the teeth and sleep after drinking water.

6. Before going to bed, take a long breath and hold the breath inside for some time and release it slowly and do this for 4-5 minutes. Doing this before sleeping helps in getting good and deep sleep.

7. If you start meditating for some time before sleeping, then it leads to deeper sleep.

8. Do some light exercise, it also helps in sleeping well.

9. Do not sleep with the head in the north and west direction.

10. The room should be well ventilated and there should be no strong light coming into it.

So friends, take full care of these things for good and deep sleep and get good health.

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Helpful contain for our sleep right way I follow these steps that you mention in your contain 👍👍👍👍

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5 months ago