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Advantages and disadvantages of drinking hot water in the morning

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5 months ago

benefits of drinking hot water

Consuming hot water on an empty stomach in the morning is very beneficial for our body, although it is not good to consume hot water in the morning, but today you will definitely start consuming hot water knowing its benefits.

Hot water to remove stomach problems-

If you have many types of stomach related problems, then you should drink warm water on an empty stomach in the morning. Due to this the digestive system remains healthy. There is no problem of gas, constipation, indigestion in the stomach. Apart from this, it also cures other stomach related problems.

Hot water to lose weight-

If you are troubled by increasing weight and despite many efforts your weight is not reducing, then you should consume hot water on an empty stomach in the morning. This will gradually reduce the extra fat stored in the body. Apart from this, if you want, you can also consume it by mixing lemon and honey in this hot water.

Hot water to relieve joint pain-

Drinking a glass of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning provides relief from the problem of joint pain. By drinking hot water, it makes our joints smooth. About 80% of our muscles are made up of water, so drinking hot water also removes muscle cramps.

Detox the body Hot water-

Consuming hot water on an empty stomach in the morning helps in detoxifying the body. It removes all the impurities of the body. By consuming hot water, our body sweats more, due to which the impurities of our body also start getting removed.

Hot water to get rid of cold and cold-

If you consume warm water on an empty stomach in the morning, then you will be less likely to get cold. Even if you have a problem of unseasonal cold, then you should consume hot water because it keeps your throat clear and cold can be got rid of soon.

Hot water beneficial for blood circulation-

The process of blood circulation plays a very important role in running our body. If the circulation of blood in the body is not done properly, then we have to face all kinds of problems, if you consume hot water on an empty stomach in the morning, then it will circulate the blood well in the body.

Disadvantages of drinking hot water

By the way, hot or lukewarm water is said to be very good for health. Most people consume warm or lukewarm water for weight loss and to keep their metabolism rate right. But hot or lukewarm water can also be harmful to health, especially for those people who drink hot water quickly throughout the day, it can be very harmful for them.

Most of us know that drinking lukewarm or hot water instead of cold water is good for health but it is not right. If you drink lukewarm water once in the morning after getting up in the morning, then it is beneficial for health. But if lukewarm water is drunk repeatedly throughout the day, then it causes great harm to health.

As it is known that drinking hot or lukewarm water is good for health as it flushes out the toxins present in the body. Our body consists of 50 to 70% water.

It is advisable to drink more water to remove toxins from the body, otherwise the toxins start harming the body, but drinking too much water too often can be dangerous for health.

Apart from this, people who drink water frequently without thirst, just keeping in mind that drinking water is beneficial for health, then by doing so the water balance in their body deteriorates. Cold water quenches thirst as quickly as hot water does not. That's why you should drink hot water but drink it once a day.

Disadvantages of drinking hot water

Harm to the kidney –

The special capillary system present in the kidney removes excess water and toxins from the body, but research has shown that drinking more hot water puts more pressure on the kidney, due to which the ability of the kidney to work is affected. Hot water dehydrates in a way and doctors do not consider it good for kidney health. Therefore, one should drink hot water but should not drink hot or lukewarm water throughout the day.

Sleeplessness –

People who drink too much hot water throughout the day may have problems sleeping properly. In such a situation, no matter how much you try, you cannot sleep. Therefore, drinking hot water should be avoided at night, because drinking hot water causes frequent urination and interferes with sleep.

Blisters –

As we know, the upper skin and the tissues below our body are harder than the inner skin of the body and have the ability to withstand cold or heat. But the internal organs are very sensitive, so drinking hot water too often can lead to blisters in the internal organs. In this, firstly there may be blisters on the lips, mouth and inner part of the throat. Therefore, do not drink water so hot that it cannot be swallowed immediately.

Having germs –

It is often said that hot water destroys germs and contaminites, but this is true only when the water is completely boiled and drunk. But when water is only heated and drunk, the bacteria present in it do not die. Therefore, the water should be cleaned after drinking or it should be boiled after cooling.

What happens after drinking a pinch of turmeric mixed with hot water?

  • There are many benefits of drinking a pinch of turmeric mixed with hot water like -

Being anti-inflammatory, it prevents many diseases.

It dilutes the blood, thereby reducing the risk of blockage.

Keeps the skin young and does not allow the effect of aging to fall quickly.

The antioxidant found in turmeric called curcumin prevents cancer.

It is good for the brain and reduces forgetfulness.

Reduces obesity by reducing body fat

Reduces inflammation of the body

Liver cells can heal

I will repeat the same thing to you again

keep on laughing' smile because a healthy body is the biggest wealth of life

thanks for reading my article

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