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Music for your ears: Nino Ferrer - Looking For You [France, 1974]

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5 months ago
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Released in 1974, France.
Album: Nino and Radiah

Nino Ferrer was Italian-French musician, born in Genova, Italy. He recorded 15+ albums and numerous singles but he was also a very good painter, notable poet, generally quite an interesting persona to say the least.

When I first heard 'Looking For You', I was totally mesmerised. I shared the music with my friends; they were, too, mesmerised.

The tracks is from his 1974 LP on B side, track III, called 'Nino and Radiah'. It was recorded in Trident Studios in South London in 1973, but originally released in France.

We need to mention the amazing LP cover as well, it's hot, sexy and quite a nice piece of art in general. As someone who really likes LP covers from 70s and 80s, this one certainly stands out. It's incredible that nudity could be in everyday life and and in everyday art [displayed] but sometime in the future (well, today), that is not the case. We live in a censorship era without knowing it.
Anyhow, cover art was big in 70s and before and after, I still enjoy these [more to come in this blog for sure..]

I hope you enjoy it!
For more obscurities, check my Youtube channel:


I'm looking for you
I'm looking for you
Don't know where to go
Don't know what to do
I walk along the street
Between a million people
That I don't see
May-be they think
That I am mad
I fell in love
I'm in love with you

La la la la la la la la la la

I made this song
Cause I love you
I made this song just for you
I made this song deep in my heart
I was thinking of you
Because time runs so fast
And it never comes back
And that's all
I can keep with me
That sweet love that you gave me to
I'm looking for you

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Written by   3
5 months ago
Topics: Music
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