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Earn $5 worth of Polkastarter, here are the answers

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2 months ago

Hey everyone,

Here's your chance to earn $5 worth of $POLS tokens of Polkastarter.

This campaign just kicked off in less than an hour ago, and I compiled the answers for you.

First, visit CoinmarketCap Earn,

and here are the questions and answers for you:

- What is Polkastarter?

A launchpad protocol to kickstart early-stage crypto projects.

- What type of fundraising occurs on Polkastarter?


- What does IDO stand for?

Initial Decentralized Offering

- What are the benefits of a Polkastarter IDO to the projects that are fundraising? Select all that apply.

All of the above

- Which of these chains is Polkastarter not live on?


- What primary role does the POLS token play in a Polkastarter IDO?

Participants must hold POLS to be whitelisted for an IDO.

- What is the minimum amount of POLS you have to own to be eligible for a Polkastarter IDO whitelist?


Note that you will need a Binance account as any earn campaign on Coinmarketcap requires Binance User ID. If you don't have Binance user account, you can register here:

Stay tuned for more free crypto and faucets.

Thanks for the read and good luck!


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2 months ago
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