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The garden is getting pretty wild at the moment, but I don't have the energy to do anything about it yet - not even to mow the grass. Well, not sure if it is a lack of energy, or lack of will at the moment. Everyone else in the hood are out their cutting the grass for the first time in the sunshine, I made it out to take a few photos.

We have a pear tree, and while it doesn't seem to grow any pears that are edible, for a few days of the year, it is filled with gorgeous white blossoms and I wanted to go and have a look before they completely fall, or it rains again and destroys them. They are there for such a very short period - the same with the cherry blossoms too, and the apple.

It is the final day of the Hockey World Championships and there are the bronze and gold games. It will be Finland playing Canada in the gold and I am really hoping for a Finnish win - as the championships are here in Finland and I think it would be amazing. I'd love to go into the city if that happens and soak in some of the energy from the celebrations (Finns take their hockey seriously), but that is off the list anyway.

But, something funny happened while we were watching the bronze game between USA and Czech, which is the game we were trying to tire our daughter out with, as the Finnish game doesn't start until after her bedtime. Unfortunately though, her reading skills are getting too good and she noticed a tickertape at the bottom of the screen advertising the late game - damn.

This is why it is bad to teach children things.

The US-Czech game has been good so far, with Czech coming back to take the lead and go two ahead, after it looking like it would be a blowout going the other way. With no horse in the race, I always go for the underdog or the unpopular win, and I hope Czech has this one. One of the good things about this game is that it is winning bronze, whereas while a medal is guaranteed in the next game, it is losing gold.

Silver is a consolation prize.

Look at this fella resting between the fresh cherry leaves.

It is now 7-3 for Czech

oops. 7-4.

I haven't seen this many goals between two good teams in a while. But overall, I feel that the games have been higher scoring than normal, which makes it a bit more exciting.


I might have lost count, but this final period has had 7 goals in it. Quite an incredible final score. They are very happy with the win - their first medal at the Championships for a decade.

The Americans are not looking quite as excited.


As someone who don't watch much sport, I do get the attraction of it still. There is something special about being part of people's success or, the heartbreak that comes part and parcel of sport. The wins and the losses and, there is something that sticks into our experience and memory, as if we were a part of it - even though we are not. It is quite a strange position really, living life vicariously.

I think that this is part of life these days I think though, where we end up living through entertainment, whether it be sport or some TV show - many of us seem to have lessened our direct experience of life. Perhaps it makes sense - most of our own lives are pretty uneventful.

It is official:

That means I am Covid positive. Natural protection.

Now that this is in the system, I am able to travel as a dirty unvaxxed person to some additional countries, if I choose.

One thing I have noticed is that my concentration is even lower than normal and, I am unable to get all the way through a post without having my attention wander, It is hard to focus on "the job at hand" - if you consider writing a post a job. I don't, but I do see it as work, because I see work as something I do that is designed to generate something of value.

Value is in the eye of the beholder, but I wonder at times, what are people seeing? I know that for me, I question my own vision of the world often enough and wonder, what the hell am I thinking? How can I and so few believe in this or that, while the majority are to the contrary?

What if I am wrong?

And, that is what holds so many people back and, keeps them getting the results of the average, because if you are doing what the average person is doing, what more can you expect?

Maybe it is because most people just want to fit in and be "normal", while dreaming of being special. They watch sport and superhero movies to feel that "incredible" via proxy, imagining themselves in those shoes, that they will never dare step into themselves, just in case they don't fit.

As I began, the garden is getting a little wild.

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