What can be faced in the crypto market in the second half of the year?

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Greetings to all the readers of this great platform, especially to the readers of cryptographic topics, in the present opportunity I want to share with you information regarding the cryptomarket, as I say in the title we must think about the situations that we can face in the market, taking into consideration that there is still the second half of this year, in which many things can really happen yet.

Making a small recount with what has happened in the crypto market for some time, we can take into consideration that the downtrend of the same began where the end of November 2021, taking into consideration that it is already 8 months practically of a constant downtrend, since the market has not managed to consolidate a solid accumulation zone.

In these months the market has tried to make several zone consolidations, but the attempts have been completely a failure, and has continued this downtrend, when it was expected a little more from the market, it happens to be facing is in an accumulation zone in the 30k of its market price, but this zone faced a strong descending triangle with a tendency to a bear market, being exactly what happened at that time.

A few days ago we saw a market that fell drastically to 20k of the market value, so it was confirmed an extensive crypto investment, this is due to the number of months that has faced the downtrend of the market and the same goes down again, taking into consideration these situations, we can argue that it has generated a second half of the year with an unfavorable trend, since the minimum for a consolidation zone in a market like the BTC market is 2 to 3 months.

This means that, with a market that still has bearish strength, we will be facing at least 3 more months of bearish market, and we can take into consideration that including the time it takes to consolidate a market zone, we will be in a full year of market correction and with this we can confirm the forecasts of a BTC at 10k in its market price, fulfilling the full correction, returning to the beginning of its price 4 years ago, and start a new bullish run for the following year.

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The decline in crypto prices is very concerned for everyone, especially for those who have online investments

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