The value of having what it takes to be happy?

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The value of having what it takes to be happy

It is very interesting to see how the life of minimalist people is, one of their qualities is their dress, it is not true that we only have to dress in white or black or gray, this is not true, but I think that the reason why we have colors or we use such basic colors the minimalist ones is because it is easier to dress.

There is something called the capsule wardrobe, I will make a publication about it later and this is nothing more than having few pieces of clothing and thus mixing them to be able to have more styles or different looks; That's why I have several blouses that are exactly the same in blue and white because I feel more comfortable with them.

That style is very simple, I don't have to think so much about what to wear and well besides I feel very comfortable being at home with this and not having to worry about what to wear every time.

The next is that minimalists have to have only a certain number of objects, this is also not true, many people think that there is a formula to become a minimalist and that it is a competition, everyone is debugging and removing those things that you do not need little by little your space and your life to be able to focus on what is important for everyone, that in the end this is what we are looking for with minimalism, there are no rules, it is simply designing a life that works for each one of us.

The next point is that minimalists cannot have good things or expensive things, this is not true either, I love good things even though they are expensive, it is okay to spend that amount of money if that is what we are buying We are going to use it for a long time and if it is something that really adds value to our lives.

I also say we don't have to buy expensive things we can have a more humble or frugal lifestyle and in this way you can not buy such expensive things we can buy what we need in a second hand store and thus reduce the amount of money we spend.

This does not also have to do with being stingy, because many people think that being minimalist is equivalent to being stingy and not necessarily, it has nothing to do with one thing with the other.

The next point is that minimalists have to be vegan or they have to lead a zero waste lifestyle, this is also not true, many of us start with a minimalist lifestyle, others start with a vegan lifestyle and it brings them closer to minimalism and zero waste, and someone else can start with the zero waste lifestyle and thus meet veganism and minimalism.

I think that in one way or another they are all connected and each one takes us by the hand to the other, but we don't necessarily have to be vegan to be able to lead a minimalist lifestyle and we don't necessarily have to lead a zero waste lifestyle to be able to Being minimalists, we can just get rid of that excess stuff and call ourselves minimalists without having to give up meat or, well, go vegan.

The next point is that we do not have to have a family to be able to lead a minimalist lifestyle, this is also not true, because there have been families that all of them have decided to lead this lifestyle, that their sons and daughters have emptied their bedrooms and that they have taken out those things that they no longer use, and it is good that now the whole house feels very good and I also know of people who live in a family and who have decided to lead this lifestyle and the only thing they do is respect the space of others and apply minimalism only with the things they have, whether in their bedroom, their drawers, their closet, their backpack or well, any other place they use.

So if they have a good family, what better than trying to implement this lifestyle together with them, but it is not worth using our family as an excuse to not do this.

I hope that these ideas have become clear that you no longer stop in leading a minimalist lifestyle because of these erroneous ideas and it is good that you are encouraged because in the end what it is about is improving our quality of life and remember that no It is a competition that each one takes minimalism as they can at their own pace and that in the end it is about each one of us discovering that life that works best for each one and that we can get rid of so many distractions to be able to enjoy it more .

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