The love of a puppy

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So why do I love my puppy so much? I mean, she pees and poops on the floor, digs up the plants in the garden, barks at any animal she sees, chews on everything that isn’t her chew toy (i.e., shoes and kids toys), and eats cat poop right out of the litter box. Well, because I love my dog so much, I am willing to overlook her less-than-desirable habits. A true love knows no bounds.

Care for your dog
Dogs require daily attention, especially when they’re young. Providing them with sufficient training and discipline is essential to maintaining healthy behavior throughout their lives. Take your pup for regular walks, not only because they need exercise but also because it gives you an opportunity to practice proper leash-control skills.

Dogs willingness to lay their life for you
Dogs are known for having a high degree of loyalty to their owners. They are more than willing to protect you from all dangers, both physical and emotional. If you ever find yourself in a life or death situation and only your dog is by your side, never forget that they would give their life for yours without any hesitation.

Love is all your puppies need
The benefits of owning a dog are well-documented. Pets help with depression, provide companionship and are proven to reduce stress. A new study has found that dogs may also be able to make us healthier. Researchers found that interacting with dogs could lower blood pressure by up to five points and lessen heart rates. As long as you don’t mind your clothes smelling like wet dog, there’s nothing wrong with getting your daily dose of exercise from a pooch!

Take care of your dogs as they take care of you
To know how to take care of your dog, you have to first understand what it means to be responsible for someone or something. Dogs will always depend on you and be there for you when you need them, but they can also teach us valuable lessons about responsibility. Here are some ways dogs make us better humans.

1) They teach us that life is not fair. When things go wrong—when our pet becomes sick or injured—we don’t blame them, we look after them as best we can and accept that bad things happen to good people (and animals).

2) They force us to let go of our selfishness. Our dogs don’t come with instruction manuals; as owners we must learn their needs from scratch. If we want to be good parents, we must devote time and energy into understanding them.

3) They encourage us to get outside every day. There’s no way around it: if you want a happy, healthy dog, you have to take him out for regular walks every day!

4) They show us that life is short. We may have only one shot at raising a dog, so we should do everything in our power to ensure he has a long and happy life. This means making sure he gets all his shots and stays fit by providing plenty of exercise.

5) They remind us that nothing lasts forever. The truth is, one day we’ll lose our pets—so while they’re here with us now, we should cherish every moment together.

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